This is my new blog.  I’ve read a lot of health/fitness blogs lately, they keep showing up on my Google Reader recommended reading list (perhaps Google is trying to tell me something), and it’s inspired me to try to get healthy.  So this blog will be about the changes I’m making in my life to try to eat more healthily and to try to start a fitness regimen I like.

One of the outcomes of this may be that I lose weight, but to be perfectly honest, I’m quite happy with my body.  Sure, I have bad days, but I think everyone does.  I have good days too and they heavily outnumber the bad!  This isn’t about me trying to lose weight to boost my self-esteem, trust me, I have plenty of esteem for myself!

The point isn’t to try to change my body to make me happier, but to actually make my body happier.  I had the real inspiration today after eating chocolate chip cookies.  I love the taste of cookies; they’re delicious.  After eating them though, my stomach was not happy with me.  It was like I could feel this lump of fat sitting in my stomach and I wanted it out of my body.

So I’m going to try a life transformation.  Most of the healthy blogs I’ve read feature a woman who has already gone through the healthy transformation and is blogging about her current life.  I really wanted to read a blog about someone in the middle or at the beginning for some inspiration.  I thought, why don’t I blog about it from the beginning?  I hope you join me on my new journey!


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