Things that make me happy, part 1

Continuing with the idea of happiness, I’ve decided to make a happiness list.  This isn’t a list of merely things that make me happy, like sprinkles and delicious Thai food.  This is a list of things I do that make me happy.  If I can isolate those things, then maybe I can think about bring those things into my current work or if that’s not possible, well, I haven’t gotten there yet.  I tried to keep the list somewhat focused on my professional life since it would be pretty easy for me to list things like, snuggle with favorite blanket and watch the Animatrix.  Since I can already do that, nothing would really have to change for me to make that happen and not changing isn’t what I want to write about.

Making lists has always been ridiculously useful for me.  After making my list and reading it over a couple times, I realized 1.  This could be a huge blog post and no one would read it!  2.  Hey, there are over-arching themes here.  Convenient.

Things That Make Me Happy (part 1: People)

  • Connecting with people
    Sometimes people annoy me and crowds make me cringe (not from the number of people, but from being pushed and bumped and jostled…ulgh!), but in general I genuinely enjoy connecting with people.  I’ve used the word “connecting” instead of “talking” to cover a broader range of possibilities.  I love talking, but I wanted to include all forms of communicating, verbal, written, non-written.
  • Finding out what people love
    Everyone has a passion.  I love to hear from people what that is.  When someone starts talking about their passion, they light up.  They’re knowledgeable about the topic, they’re excited and engaged, and if you let them, they could talk for days!
  • Twitter (maybe social media in general?)
    I love knowing what’s going in people’s lives.  Twitter is great for providing this in a really casual and non-stalker kind of way.  I’m able to respond to what I want without feeling pressure to respond to everything.  I can start a conversation on Twitter or follow people who tweet about my interests, among a multitude of other things.

Photo by Jaden Larson


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