Things that make me happy, part 2

Yesterday I listed out things that make me happy and they were all centered around people.  Three things would be a pretty short list and I don’t think I would be happy very much, so here’s part 2 of my Happy List. 

Photo by sleepy terry

Things That Make Me Happy (part 2: Organizing)

  • Lists
    You may have guessed this by now, but I love lists and bullet points.  There’s a beautiful sense of accomplishment after making a good list.  Of course, most of my lists are To Do lists and making the list doesn’t actually cross anything off, but it does help me make a plan.
  • Getting Things Done
    This goes hand-in-hand with lists.  I love lists, but I LOVE crossing things off lists.  I haven’t ready Getting Things Done by David Allen (it’s on my To Read list), so I’m not rocking any sort of GTD system, but what I’m doing now seems to work.  It’s called Just Pick Something And Do It.  In addition, right now I’m not sure if I need an intense system, since I’m not feeling swamped.
  • Organizing & Visualizing Information
    I love to get bunches of information or data and organize and present it in a way that’s understandable.  This can be numerical data, instructions, ideas that need a more concrete form, etc.  I love to put it into pictures, flow charts, graphs, tables, anything that will help someone else understand it.
  • Scheduling
    Perhaps you haven’t picked up on this yet, so I will continue to bludgeon you with this characteristic of myself until I get tired of it (which may be never, sorry): I like stuff organized.  Not necessarily my clothes or my room, but my information.  This explains the numerous Google (non-work) and Outlook (work) calendars I have.  It always seems like a personal challenge to be able to move things around to find enough white space to do something productive (like a meeting!).

That’s part 2 of my list.  I would strongly encourage you to start a Happy List as well.  Being able to articulate what makes you happy and why is really important for finding something that you’ll love to do.

Photo by sleepy terry


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