Things that make me happy, part 3

This is last part of my happy list.  I’m hoping to put up a widget on the sidebar of my happy list so that I’m frequently reminded of it.  I’m hoping that by seeing my list more often that I can take steps to do more of these things more often, making my happier!

Things That Make Me Happy (part 3: Improvement)

  • Learning
    I love to learn in useful increments.  This was especially easy to do in college where we called these increments various names such as: class, homework, and/or projects/papers.  It was so often the perfect amount of information, not too little and not too much.  As it turns out, books do this too, they just call the increments chapters.  (This isn’t to say I didn’t read in college.)  Semester-long projects showcase incremental learning the best.  At the beginning of the semester you have no hope of even coming close to producing the desired outcome.  As the semester wore on, you kept learning things that helped you with the project until you had completed it.  You wind up understanding the different parts of the project and being able to put them together.  Yay learning!
  • Bringing Value
    In whatever I do, I really need it to be useful and valuable to someone.  Yes, many times that someone is me, but there’s also friends, family, colleagues, anyone in my professional network, and sometimes even large groups of people.  Even if the value seems like it’s for one person, there are usually more beneficiaries.  For example, I love to critique websites and think about how the site functionality and design could be better.  Sometimes I was asked for feedback and other times, I boldly sent it unsolicited.  I felt like I was helping myself (better sites make me happy) and the recipient of the feedback, when really it might benefit all the users of the site.  Maybe that’s one reason I’m not as happy as I could be right now: I don’t feel like what I’m doing is helping anyone and I can’t see the big picture to know any better.

Now that I have my happy list (and hopefully you have yours too), I just need to find something that I can do that incorporates all or most of these items and get paid for it.  This may take some thinking and some extra effort on my part, but I need to remember the goal here is happiness and personal satisfaction.


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