Mediocrity: Salsa

This past weekend I went to a salsa congress.  I have a love/hate relationship with salsa congresses.  I love going to them to be in another city, spend time with friends, learn stuff, dance with people.  Yet, at the same time I hate them.  Everyone else is always so good, I’m just intimidated!  In the workshops, at the performances, at the parties.  In the workshops, it seems like everyone gets it but me (except for the bachata workshop, that was fun), particularly the ladies’ styling workshops.  Not so much on the body movements workshop, pretty much everyone except the instructor looks silly.  But, it is really great to learn stuff that I can do to improve my dancing, or at least that I’ll pretend I’ll do.  I think though, that the performances are the worst.  The performances are always so good that I’ll watch them, realize the I have no chance of ever being that good and not want to dance for the rest night.  I guess out of fear that someone will compare me to the performances and say something about my dancing and how they wish it were like (insert your favorite performing group here).  Of course, that’s not going to happen, but I still think it could!  At the parties that are so many good dancers that I’m intimidated to even dance on the floor.  All of the workshop instructors and performers are dancing and they’re quite good, which is to be expected.

I guess I just felt this experience was one that seemed to be pervasive in my life right now.  It’s easiest to talk about it in terms of salsa since that’s something I do for fun and I usually I can put in my desired level of effort and be ok.  Although that’s not the case with work, the general idea of the previous paragraph is still present.  As a result of a small, ok fine, medium mental breakdown earlier this week, I have a few steps to take to try to remedy this issue.

Take away

  • I’m not feeling capable right now
  • This lead to a mental breakdown, which sucked
  • As a result of my breakdown, I have a clearer goal and some action items.

Photo by hilcias78


6 thoughts on “Mediocrity: Salsa

  1. Not going to lie, this comment is mostly so I can use my nifty anonymous name.

    I’m excited to read about your action items!

  2. What! Shoot. My name doesn’t work because it sees it as code. Trying a different one, and if it works, can you edit my name in the previous comment? 🙂

  3. I felt the same way at the 2009 New York International Salsa Congress. Unbelievably excited but somewhat awestruck by the amount of good dancers. i’m fine when it comes to keeping up with the workshops but the social dancing is the toughest for me. there were 4000+ dancers there and the amount of talent was impressive.

    i’m confident with my dancing abilities On1 but since it was New York, On2 reigns supreme. so i kinda floundered when it came to dancing with a lot of people. Plus if you don’t act fast to “grab” a partner you’ll get lost in the sea of salseros.

    i find its better if you go in a group of friends. Going solo can be tough. we did manage to record a bunch of the workshops to practice later so thats good. overall its an eyeopening experience.


    • WOW! I can’t believe you did New York! That’s amazing! I’ve done Chicago twice and Austin once and I always seem to feel this way at some point.

      Being an on 1 dancer and going to New York must have been so hard! I’m an on 1 dancer and I struggle in Chicago which is about half and half.

      I usually go with a couple people, but it’s still hard. I’m not necessarily there to dance with people that I dance with on a regular basis, you know? Even though, it’s great to dance in all four corners with someone you know so that everyone else can see that you know how to dance!

      This time I took some video, so I’m hoping to get around to practicing soon.

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