Support System

Recently, I had a breakdown.  It was awful and I didn’t particularly enjoy it.  But I was stressed and rather unhappy and it happened.  This resulted in a long (and stream of consciousness) email to a very good friend.  Thankfully my friend was able to read my stream of consciousness email and respond in a more organized fashion.  (Although that wasn’t exactly difficult since the mere act of adding paragraphs would have been a step up.)  She sympathized with my situation, gave me some great advice, and told me to start working on the advice so I could get over it.

From her advice, I was able to make some action items and at least start on a plan for what to do next to decrease unhappiness.  I usually don’t get gushy, but having a strong support system (family and friends) has been essential lately.  I’m so glad my family and friends know me well enough to know when I’m unhappy and be able to suggest things that will make me happy.  Especially when my vision of life is too blurry to figure it out.

Take away

  • Let your friends get to know you
  • Communicate, both when you’re unhappy and happy
  • Use your support system

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