Monthly Goal Meet Up: Review – November

This is pretty late coming, but I’ll do it anyway.  I didn’t do very well this month, so I’ll have to try harder next month.

November Goals

  • Continue to use this blog as an (emotional) outlet
    This sort of worked out.  I blogged a lot on here about topics that were on my mind at the time, so that was good.  I haven’t blogged lately, which isn’t as good.  Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about money, so perhaps I’ll be writing about that for a bit.
  • Track expenses, perhaps use weekly checkpoints?
    FAIL.  This was a major fail.  I did one checkpoint and I think I became so depressed with it that I didn’t even bother trying to do it again.  I think this goal in and of itself merits a post.
  • Eat more fruits and veggies
    SUCCESS.  I think I ate quite a few fruits and veggies last month and now I have to contine that!
  • Find a way to stay active during the winter and budget it in, if necessary
    Success…sort of.  There was really no budgeting here, I had the money, so I spent it.  I bought a gym membership (with a corporate discount, so that helped) and I bought personal training sessions.
  • Create connections in an online community
    Fail.  I just wasn’t very good at this.  I did make some real life connections though, so that was exciting!
  • Create something colorful, on paper
    Fail.  I thought about it several times.  Maybe the goal should be plan out what I want to create.

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