Finding Community

I commute.  It sucks.  My condo is a one hour drive from work.  I picked my condo because it would be a 20 minute drive to work and then my company decided to have me work at a different location…after I had signed a lease.  If I decide to relocate, my company will help me out, but the thought of packing up my stuff (well, the stuff that’s unpacked) makes me cringe.  So here I am, commuting an hour to work everyday, essentially not by my choice.

This makes it very hard to find a community to be involved in.  It was hard for me to decide to join a gym!  I’m not sure if I should start getting involved in the area where I work or where I sleep.  I can’t stay around where I work too late because I’m always thinking about the hour drive home and I always get back to where I live too late to really do anything.

I can’t wait for my lease to be up so I can move closer to where I work since there are tons of things that I want to do outside of work.  The only bad part is that I loved my condo; it has a great kitchen, enough closet space for my wardrobe, and I can use the second bedroom as interim storage space.


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