Internal Rhythm

I need to stop drinking during the week; it absolutely throws off my internal rhythm.  I get to work the next morning completely lost, dehydrated, and exhausted with no idea what I’m doing.  Well, the no idea thing happens a lot, but it’s extra bad mornings after I drink.  And I’m not talking binge drinking here, I’m just talking about two drinks…maybe 2.5.

I went out for drinks on Tuesday and Thursday, which was just a bad idea.  Next week, no drinking during the week…whether I go to rugby or not.

I’ve been so exhausted that I haven’t swam at all this week because I just can’t get out of bed.  It’s been pretty bad.  Next week we’re focusing on swimming and sleep and good planning.

For my own purposes, this is a rough schedule of how I see my weekend going

Friday: hiking, picking up a friend, shower (not with friend, hiking will put me closer to her house so she’ll just have to deal with me sweaty for a bit), salsa party, sushi happy hour (two for one!), salsa club (and designing delicious drinks), and maybe salsa after party

Saturday: swimming (7:30-9), bike around, plan week (laundry, cooking, Bike & Walk to Work Day, etc.), salsa party

Sunday: maybe bike ride, maybe watch some rugby matches, salsa club

As a side note, I went out to lunch today.  I brought my lunch yesterday and went out yesterday too, so I just figured I would eat yesterday’s lunch today.  That didn’t happen, but I’ll have it tomorrow…really.  More importantly, I ordered a pesto breaded chicken sandwich and I got an option for a side.  I chose steamed veggies!  I’m so happy I didn’t get fried or mac & cheese, even though they both sounded really good.  Woohoo for small victories!


2 thoughts on “Internal Rhythm

  1. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll! Adding you to mine. I’m glad I’m not the only one that still uses ‘square’ 🙂
    I don’t drink anymore, too old, makes me feel like crap. Only tie one on once in a while at weddings or new years eve…and usually regret it the next day.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I definitely use ‘square’ in my everyday conversations, haha!
      I’ve decided that Fridays will be my drinking day, but that’s only because I go out dancing and the bartender and I go on delicious drink adventures. I just need to remember to drink a lot of water…and work out the next day!

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