Inspirations: Elite Athletes

I’ve been watching the World Cup lately and I’m loving it!  I played soccer when I was younger, so I love to watch it.  Watching it has got me thinking about my fitness and healthy inspirations.  I’ve realized that I’m inspired by these elite athletes!  Of course I need some inspirations that a little bit closer to what I want to achieve (I don’t ever see myself training for hours a day), but for now, my elite athlete inspirations will do!

Dara Torres

Swimmer. Mom.  Writer.  All around amazing woman.  Seriously, have you ever seen abs like this?  I love Dara because she’s done so many amazing things that it pretty much blows my mind.  As a swimmer myself, I look to Dara to think about what she’s accomplished and how much I can do.  And she’s on Twitter!

Venus and Serena

I don’t play tennis (I lack hand-eye coordination), but these two women are crazy inspirational!  They are superb athletes and I love seeing them as spokeswomen for products since it means I get to see more of them in the magazines I read!

New Zealand All Blacks

I love rugby!  I’m not very good at it and I don’t understand most of the rules, but it sure is fun.  Rugby players are just so…built.  If I were to follow a team, it would be the All Blacks.  They perform the Haka (traditional New Zealand dance) before every game and I’m quite sure that their quads could eat me for breakfast!  You should definitely watch it!

World Cup Soccer Players

These guys go for 90 minutes.  That’s a really long time.  It’s amazing to watch and I’m so glad that ESPN is streaming it live!  It’s hard to not be inspired by their passion and determination.

Those are my elite athlete inspirations.  Who inspires you?


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