Weekend Highlights: Shopping!

This past weekend resulted in something quite amazing for me: a delightful shopping trip!  I was just stopping by Lucy because of their summer sale (I want this shirt) and I put some things on hold.  While I was walking back to my car, I stopped into White House Black Market just to try on a couple of pieces displayed in the window.  I didn’t actually have any confidence that they would fit me or look good on me, but I figured I was there and my colors are black and white (I always wear black or white to dance because it doesn’t show sweat).  I wanted to try on this and this.  I wandered on over to the sale rack and grabbed something else.  I realized that I was wear Lucy capris and that cute little bustier wasn’t going to look that great with those.  I thought, why not? and grabbed a pair of jeans from the sale rack that looked like they were a trouser/wide leg jean.  They were a size 14 and even though I’m a size 14 at Gap (I went down a size, woo hoo!), I didn’t think WHBM pants would fit me since they probably run smaller, being a more expensive store and all.

Oh my goodness!  The jeans fit!  I couldn’t believe it!  I really didn’t know what to do with myself, outside of jumping around in front of the big mirror of course.  As it turned out, I grabbed a smaller size in the bustier and the dress.  The sales associates working in the store were so much fun.  They actually brought a couple things from the back that were on sale for me to try on.  I really was a size 14 in their pants; it wasn’t some sort of pattern fluke for the trouser jeans.  Overall, we had lots of fun and I bought a few things that are super cute.  Perhaps I’ll post pictures as I wear them.

The rest of my weekend went pretty well.  On Friday I bought four containers of raspberries (two red and two gold) and by the time I was headed home, they were all gone!  My friends and I snacked on them all night when we were out dancing.  Saturday was another dance day and shopping.  On Sunday I went to see Toy Story 3 with one of my friends.  It was a really fun movie!  The movie theater was next to one of my gym locations, so I had planned ahead and brought workout clothes for a jog on the treadmill.  I jogged/walked for 3 miles and then showered and got ready to go out dancing (again).  Sunday was spent at my condo that I’m moving out of, so I the only food I have there are Lean Cuisines.  On my way back from dancing on Sunday I went to the Wendy’s drive through.  Usually I get a cheeseburger combo meal, but this time I got a Jr. combo meal.  It filled me up and I didn’t feel sick afterward AND I didn’t go severely over my calories, in fact I ate just the right amount.

I had a wonderfully successful weekend which I’m hoping will translate into a wonderfully successful week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Shopping!

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Cute clothes.
    I will be posting my training plan, probably next monday, not sure. But it’s a modified version of Hal Higdon’s intermediate half training. He has a good beginning plan too.

    • I’m totally wearing that pair of jeans I got to work tomorrow. It’s Bike & Walk to Work Day, so I’m going to dress down a bit.
      I’ll check out Hal’s training plan and see if it looks doable for me.

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