Paleo Diet?

Yesterday I got to work out with my trainer Ty.  He had been gone for two weeks and is finally back!!  During the two weeks I danced a lot, did a weights work out and swam a couple of times.  Nothing too crazy.

I mentioned that I have a wedding to go to this weekend and I asked if I should do anything to prep for it.  I was thinking I would hear no salt or something like that.  Instead I got put on the Paleo Diet for the rest of the week!  For a quick run down, I can have lean protein, seafood, fruits, veggies and nuts.  I don’t get grains, legumes and dairy.  Being a milk, cheese and yogurt lover, I said “WHAT?”  Ty reassured me it was only for the rest of the week and that I would be fine.

After our session I had to go look up the Paleo Diet and figure out what I should eat.  I found Paleo Plan which has lots of recipes.  I picked the Shrimp Avocado Omelet (without the shrimp), Spicy Tuna Salad and Berries with Balsamic Vinegar.  I still don’t know what I’m going to have for dinner, but I’m thinking chicken.

My omelet went quite well this morning.  I made my eggs scrambled and just topped them with tomato and avocado.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

For my morning snack I had strawberries and balsamic vinegar.  If I have sugar (re: fruit) I’m supposed to have it in the morning and focus on lean protein, veggies and nuts in the afternoon and evening.  I’d never had berries with vinegar (outside of fruit vinaigrette salad dressings) and it was great!  I might start making my own dressings.

The tuna salad was alright.  It was really spicy though!  One jalapeno and crushed red pepper?  Serious spice.  I know there’s sweet and sour, but this salad was spicy and sour thanks to the lemon juice.  With the tuna, jalapeno and lemon, I desperately needed a mint afterward.

Side note: 3:30 pm hits and I’m so HUNGRY!!!  OK, I can handle this, I didn’t finish all of my tuna salad at lunch, so I’ll go eat that and if I’m still hungry, I have some bell pepper strips.

After work I’m going to see if I can exchange my new running shoes; they’re about a half-size too big.  My workout last night gave me a blister.  I got my shoes from the Boulder Running Company which seems really customer-oriented, so I don’t envision a problem.  I have another session with Ty tonight and I still have to plan what I’m going to eat tomorrow.  *whew*


9 thoughts on “Paleo Diet?

  1. Hey, glad to hear you found Paleo Plan and it’s been helpful. Some things to keep in mind if you’re going to be eating Paleo for just a few days. In no particular order:

    * You’re going to feel really hungry. This is your body reacting to the absence of sugar, and thus, insulin spikes. Your body can become dependent on those spikes, and when they’re suddenly gone, you’ll feel hungry even if your stomach is full. To counter this, protein and fats (think avocado and nuts) will help give you satiety without giving in.

    * You will probably be fairly irritable and even a bit sleepy. Again, when you’re not used to it, your sugar level will drop and you’ll feel out of it. This is temporary and wears off after a few days.

    * If you stick with it more than a week, you’d probably recognize really awesome energy, and staying consistent throughout the day (no mid-afternoon sleepy time). Many people also notice just being in an overall positive mood after a week or so.

    * If you need to cheat, cheat by having fruit later in the day. Don’t freak out and grab a hamburger.

    * Drink lots of water. It’s good for you, and it’s a calorie-free thing to do when you feel hungry and want *something* to put in your mouth.

    Good luck,

    Jason G.

    • Jason,
      Thank you so much for the tips! They are coming in really handy today. I wish I could get paid for drinking water! I’m definitely feeling tired today and I’m pretty easily irritated. I’m not sure if I’ll stick it with it for more than a week because I love dairy!! And I miss my whole wheat wraps, but we’ll see.

  2. I just took a look at the Paleo Plan recipes. Besides seeing that many originated from my site, I found that they are all very low in saturated fat. No wonder you didn’t find them satiating. The problem is they are following the Cordain Paleo Diet variant. Most other paleo diet allow lots of saturated fat. To justify his low fat Cordain uses the twisted logic that our paleo ancestors, like us, only ate the muscle meat. But the evidence doesn’t support this. They ate everything. All the fat, the organs, and the bone marrow. Presumably when the book came out in 2002 Cordain wanted to be politically correct. But since then there is ample evidence that the Lipid Hypothesis is a fraud. If you want I can post a comment pointing out the complete lack of evidence supporting it. Or check out Gary Taubes’s book or articles.

    • I would love it if you could send me the way of more information! More information leads to a better decision. I’m not sure how long I’ll do the Paleo Diet, since cheese and I are best buds (I ❤ baked brie), but I do want to know more about it, for my own reference and knowledge.

      • It has never been proven that high intakes of saturated fat and cholesterol are detrimental to our health. The American Heart Association bases their “low-fat” prescription off of five studies:

        (1) The first one was Ancel Keys study done in the 70’s that generated “The Lipid Hypothesis” which argues that eating saturated fat and cholesterol give you high cholesterol, and high cholesterol gives you heart disease… totally bogus, and debunked numerous times. The debunking is best explained in Gary Taubes’s “Good Calories, Bad Calories.” [Basically he had data from 21 countries and he cherry picked the seven countries that showed what he wanted to show.]

        (2) The Los Angeles VA Hospital Study (1969): Researchers didn’t collect data regarding smoking habits for some men, and stated later that half the participants strayed from the prescribed diet.

        (3) The Oslo Diet-Heart Study (1970); basically proved nothing regarding deaths from heart disease and a low fat diet.

        (4) The Finnish Mental Hospital Study (1979): almost half of the participants either left or joined half way through the 12 year study.

        (5) The St. Thomas’ Atherosclerosis Regression Study (1992): 74 men showed a reduction in heart disease by those who ate diets low in saturated fat… but they were also required to eat less sugar. Since the message needed to be “saturated fat bad” that little detail is often left out.

        Let me sum it up: Cholesterol doesn’t lead to heart problems. Cholesterol is absolutely essential to good health. A major factor is the small dense LDL particles that cause problems.

        If you click my name you can see how I define the paleo diet.

  3. So, I’m confused. Don, you mention that Loren Cordain is incorrect and uses twisted logic to base his definition of the Paleo diet. And it sounds like you’ve done your homework.

    However, I did click on your name, and right there at the top you have both of his books in the sidebar and a link to buy them at Amazon.

    So, do you agree with him or not? If you don’t agree with him, why do you promote his book?

    I can imagine it’s to get affiliate money from Amazon, but if you disagree with his theories, isn’t it disingenuous to profit off promoting his rhetoric?

    • Loren Cordain can be incorrect on a few things, but overall he understands the paleo diet and his books have lots of useful information that people find useful in justifying the diet to themselves. I went paleo 14 years ago without any books. I don’t think books are needed. But overwhelmingly people are skeptical of the diet and he has good arguments to convince people to go paleo. The next step is to understand the flaws in his arguments. Actually if you read his blogs he has since backtracked on the low fat bit, but his books are selling so well he doesn’t want to rock the boat much.

  4. I keep hearing about this Paleo thing, thinking I should read up on it for a postmaybe. i love Boulder Running Company. There’s one in Colorado Springs that I go to.

    • I definitely want to read up on it. Actually, I want to read more health books in general. The guys who have helped me at Boulder Running Company have been top notch! I was able to take my shoes back without the box, get a new pair and bring the box back later! Talk about working with the customer! 🙂

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