June in Review

Today is the last day of June, so I thought it would an appropriate time to check-in and review my June goals.  Somehow, I don’t think I did too well with them.  I’ll have to make some adjustments for my July goals.

Swim 2x week: This was a bit of a fail.  I didn’t swim twice a week; it was more like once a week and I think I skipped a week.  I do enjoy swimming and I’m happier when I swim on a regular basis, so this is something I’m working on.

Bike 2x week (biking to work counts): This was also a fail.  I did bike to work for Bike and Walk to Work Day on the 23rd!  I think I also did a Venus de Miles club ride earlier in the month.  I do need to do some biking to train for the Venus de Miles ride in August.

Workout with trainer at least 1x week: Success!  My trainer was gone for about a week and a half, so I didn’t get to work out with him then.  I’m not counting that week because it was beyond my control and because I did the workout he gave me.

Dance 2x week: Success again!  If there was a word that meant more than success, I would use it here.  The time that I could have spent swimming and biking went to dancing.  I think there were some weeks when I danced 6 days a week.  I don’t think I’ll include this goal next month since I’m pretty good at getting in dancing.

Sleep at least 7 hours a night: This was hit or miss (hence the yellow color).   Some nights were better than others.  I’ve been working out more lately, so I’m hoping that will help.

Track what I eat: I’m going to call this a success because I tracked what I ate for a week and sent it to my trainer so he can give me nutrition tips.  I’m still tracking because I need the accountability, but I feel like I’m eating much healthier.

Tomorrow I’ll be thinking about my goals for July.  How did your June go?  Anything you’ll be tweaking for July?


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