Clever Day

Today I’m having a very clever day.  Last night I went out dancing (it was Thursday, after all) and I had a pair of jeans with that I planned on wearing to work the next day.  I pulled them on and they were a little loose!  Huge yay!  They were also freshly washed, lots of good things going for me here.  I thought they aren’t that loose, so I won’t grab a belt.  Once I got to Avalon, my jeans were pretty loose and I was pulling them up for most of the night.  Let me tell you, it’s hard to work hitching up your pants into a sexy salsa move.  I got home, crashed and thought, “I have a belt in my suitcase, I’ll wear that tomorrow.”

Fast forward to this morning when I was searching through my suitcase and realizing that I don’t have a belt with me because I must have left it in IN/IL last weekend.  This was disappointing for two reasons: 1.  I didn’t have a belt and I was pretty sure work wouldn’t appreciate sagging jeans.  2.  I really liked that belt!  Time for some quick thinking, “Do I have a safety pin? No.  String, rope, twine, anything? No.”  Then I realized that I can use the strap on one of my gym bags!  Finally, something good is coming out of me owning at least three Adidas gym bags!  Seriously, I’m clever.  🙂

Yeah.  Yesterday I swam a practice and I wanted to go for a run afterward, but my body was having none of that.  My training run will be tonight after work.  I’m going to map out 3 miles at the park behind my office.  I’m pretty excited, I have just about nothing planned for the weekend except for packing.  I’m looking forward to getting lots of sleep!

Have a healthy and happy 4th weekend!


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