Motivational Vision Collage

After months of prepping and meaning to “get around to it,” I finally made my vision collage!  It was actually really fun to make.  I’m moving this weekend, so I haven’t put it up anywhere yet, but I can’t wait to find a permanent home for it.  I think I’m going to try subscribing to some health magazines so I can make another to continue to keep me motivated.

I’m a visual person, so seeing encouraging pictures and words is really motivating for me.  Jen over at Prior Fat Girl asked the question: Do you every blow your goals up and display them hugely, in-your-face like? Well, Jen, although my goals do involve my weight, what I really want is to be healthy, strong, and fit.  My vision collage reminds me of that!

Motivational Vision Collage

My Motivational Vision Collage

I have positive words (Powerful, Stronger, Adventure), motivational phrases (You are beautiful, Get strong & sexy, Float like a butterfly Sting like a bee), and great pictures (running, biking, dancing, before/after, and a biking triathlete*).  Love it!

Hopefully my vision collage will inspire me when I’m not feeling motivated…we’ll find out!

*How to know it’s a triathlete: 1) The cycling shoes have one velcro strap instead of three to help transitions go faster and 2) Her kit is by TYR (the logo is covered up), a swimming company, so it’s probably a tri-specific kit.  I feel so in-the-know and observant! 🙂  If you can’t tell, I’m really excited for my sprint triathlon in August!

Do you have a vision collage?  Post a link to it, I’d love to see it!


4 thoughts on “Motivational Vision Collage

    • Definitely do it! It really makes you think about what’s inspiring to you and then you have this awesome record of it.

      P.S. I am going to email you! I’m moving this weekend, so it might be next week. 🙂

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