Week in (P)Review [7.12.10]

Week in Review

Last week was a really difficult week.  I spent a lot of time packing and trying to get things ready for when my dad and Greg came into to town to help me move.  Last week feels like a blur to me.  All of my stuff is now in Boulder except for a pile of things to donate.  I’m really excited to get all of my things unpacked and get into a rhythm in Boulder that doesn’t involve driving to Lakewood on a regular basis.  Since I was so focused on other things, I didn’t too well on my monthly goals.  On the plus side I was active at least once a day Monday through Friday and I moved on Saturday and Sunday.  The week wasn’t a complete bust, it just wasn’t focused on my monthly goals and I’m ok with that.

Swim 2x week

I swam on Thursday!  It wasn’t twice, but it was a good effort.

Bike 1x week

I left my bike in Lakewood, thinking I would take it out, but I didn’t.  I was moving on Saturday so I didn’t get to go the Venus de Miles club ride.  There should be training rides starting up soon for the Venus de Miles event ride, so I’ll get some biking in that way.  Fail.

Half marathon training plan

I did my training runs during the week, but I haven’t done my long run for week 2 yet.  I meant to on Sunday, but it just didn’t happen.  I’m working out with my trainer tonight, so I think I’ll do my long run tomorrow.  Mostly successful.

Continue to track what I eat

I was really good about tracking until Thursday afternoon.  I was picking up my dad and Greg from the airport on Friday and I didn’t do any tracking this weekend.  I tried to eat smart though!  Tracking is super easy to start doing again, so I’ve already written down my breakfast.  Good effort.

Sleep more

I think I did sleep more this week, so woo-hoo!

Move to Boulder


Reading, WordPress tutorial & side project

No new progress.

Week in Preview

Things I need to do this week:

  • Unpack
  • Week 2 long run (Tuesday)
  • Take donate boxes to Goodwill
  • Stop by Comcast to cancel services
  • Create WordPress tutorial
  • Be positive!

What is your week looking like?

What I’m reading today: EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! from The Wannabe Athlete (I know I’ll be getting a few!)


6 thoughts on “Week in (P)Review [7.12.10]

  1. egads, i had a bad week too last week. injured foot (long story), lived off PB&J (longer story), went out saturday and consummed enough calories for another week. (worth it though.) BUT, i’m back on track and excited to start my half marathon training program!(p.s. you have a trainer? i’m so mad jealous!:)

    • I ate a creme brulee dessert by myself, so I totally feel you on the calories thing! An injured foot sounds awful, is it any better? PB&J doesn’t sound nearly as awful since it’s flippin’ delicious 🙂 Although after several days of it, I could see how it might get…old.
      I’ve always wanted a personal trainer and now I have an income, so I decided to just do it! I’ll probably write a post about why I love personal training. I like to think of it as a gift to myself…wrapped in sweaty clothes and sore muscles, but I love it all the same!

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