Awesome by August

I’ve never done a blogging/weight loss challenge before, but when Kat served up the Awesome by August challenge, I figured why not?  Besides that, the “logo” is lightsaber-wielding squirrels.  How can you not want to be a part of that challenge?  I weighed myself for my starting weight and emailed the photo (taken on my phone) to Kat:



This is super exciting for me!  Since I’ve started consistently working out and paying attention to what I eat at the beginning of the year, I’ve lost 20 lbs.!!!  Once upon a time I did Weight Watchers and the idea of starting with losing 10% of your original weight really stuck with me.  I’ve lost 10%!  I’m so excited!

What did I tell you? The squirrels are pretty cool.

What did I tell you? The squirrels are pretty cool.

I’m hoping the Awesome by August challenge inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing!  Plus, it would be pretty flippin’ sweet to win something! 🙂

Yesterday I was super productive!  I took all the stuff I set aside to donate to Goodwill, I canceled my Comcast services, and finally did my long run for week 2.  I went 4 miles!  Halfway through my route I passed by an apartment complex.  A woman was getting out of her car as I was running by and she said “You’re inspiring!”  How exciting!  That kept me going for the rest of my run, yay!

Today after work I swam and went on a run, so I’m feeling pretty badass right now.  Exhausted, but badass.  After the main set on my swim I had to start kicking because my right chest hurt.  You know that muscle that you can feel in your armpit, probably something like pectoral, but I really have no idea, anyway, it hurt terribly.  Most likely it’s the fault of the pushups yesterday.  I decided swimming through it would be a bad idea and I should rest it instead.

I’m going to go pass out now!!

What I’m reading today: IRONMAN – A Fever That Just Won’t Break… from Punk Rock Tri Guy (Alright, I’m totally inspired!  How about you?)


4 thoughts on “Awesome by August

  1. congrats on your 20lbs drop! what’s your secret? (besides training like a mother!)

    and congrats on your run! i did 7kms (4.5 miles?) yesterday but i probably shouldn’t have. (my quad is still dead carcass.) but since i JUST started training (and blogging) i didn’t want to admit defeat! (mistake.) today’s my off day, hopefully i’ll be good for my 13kms tomorrow…

    (yeah. and i feel your armpit pain. pushups man….what masochist invented them?)

    • True story on the pushups! They’re just so good for you…arms, core, other good stuff! Stretch your quads lots before you run again. 13kms?? That sounds crazy to me!! Hopefully you have some great music…oh wait, you have the ultimate playlist. A+ for you!
      As for my secret…it’s pretty much get on the wagon more times than I fall off. 🙂 haha!

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