So full…

Oh goodness…I think I just ate my entire day of calories at lunch.  Stupid Red Robin with your delicious sandwiches and scrumptious fries.  I think I also ate enough sodium to keep for a week.  OK, I need to get back at it…which I will do tonight when I go swimming.

Last night was a CO Girl Geek Dinner at Zolo Southwestern Grill.  I had two drinks and black bean soup with toppings.  Today was lunch at Red Robin.  Ahhh!!!!  I overate at Red Robin and now I feel like I have to go do something active, pushups or some planks or anything!  I might be rocking some fruits and veggies for the rest of the week to combat this icky feeling.

Lesson learned: DON’T OVEREAT!  Stop when you’re comfortably satiated and take the rest home!


2 thoughts on “So full…

  1. i know what you mean, sister. i have a huge weekend of calories coming up. tomorrow is a wine show (convention really) which is sure to be AWESOME but of course, not exactly low-cal. then it’s my husband’s birthday who wants to eat Mexican (’nuff said.) you, on the other hand, have nothing to worry about. with your training schedule, a splurge here or there won’t make any difference. just remember, you probably need the protein anyway:)

    • A wine convention this weekend? That sounds like a good time! I’m so weird about Mexican food. I only eat Mexican when I’m with my Mexican friends. I feel out of place otherwise. It is really heavy on rice, beans, and I-can’t-get-enough-deliciousness.
      I’m hoping my training schedule can somehow combat my less than stellar food choices! If not, there’s always next week 🙂

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