Week in (P)Review [7.19.10]

Week in Review

Last week started off great!  Then around Wednesday things just went down hill.  My eating habits were awful from Wednesday night on.  I feel like eating poorly influenced not sleeping very much or being productive when I had some down time.  I think I may need to start managing my expectations and schedule down time or movie time or something.  Whenever I’m not being productive, I feel guilty about not being productive and then I don’t even end up enjoying not being productive and everything ends in resentment and a bad mood.

On Saturday night I pulled some smooth moves and I locked myself out of my condo.  Thankfully one of my friends let me sleep on his couch and I was able to get back in on Sunday.  Because of that, I missed the Venus de Miles club ride and I didn’t get to go biking 😦  I was also supposed to do my half marathon training runs and I skipped a couple of those.  I’ve already scheduled them into this week so I can get back on track.

On Thursday my calves (particularly the left one) were really tight.  Tight to the point of pain when I was working out.  I stretched a lot, but it wasn’t really helping.  I told Ty when we worked out on Saturday that I didn’t want to do anything that was calf intensive.  That may have been a silly move, since I did a bunch of leg press and chest press super sets.  Ty stretched out my calves and they felt so much better!  He used a Power Plate machine and it was the first time that the machine felt good to me and really helped.  Usually I’m just freaked out by it, haha!  I’m so happy that my calves are back to normal.  Yay for trainers that value stretching as an important part of a fitness regimen!

Here’s the list from last week of things I wanted to accomplish

  • Unpack
  • Week 2 long run (Tuesday)
  • Take donate boxes to Goodwill
  • Stop by Comcast to cancel services
  • Create WordPress tutorial
  • Be positive!

Some of it got done.  And another quick list of how the monthly goals are coming along

  • Swim 2x week (Success! Three times this week!)
  • Bike 1x week (biking to work counts) (Fail)
  • Half marathon training plan (Not too bad)
  • Continue tracking what I eat (Sort of. Nothing after Wednesday)
  • Sleep at least 7 hours a night (Fail)
  • Move to Boulder (Success!)
  • Read 1 health/fitness book (No progress. May push to beginning of August and read on flight from NYC to DEN)
  • WordPress tutorial (No progress)
  • Side project (No progress)

Week in Preview

This week will be a lot of running as I try to catch up in my half marathon program.  Tomorrow there’s a happy hour I want to go to that will be an interest-gauging meeting for a bicycle project one of my friends is trying to bring to Boulder.  Friday is an off-day for me (I work 9 hour days and get every other Friday off) and I have a massage scheduled.  It’s a deep tissue massage and they are my favorite; they hurt so good and I feel like jelly afterward.  I might also schedule a hair appointment and make it an all-around pampering day.  (Shameless plug:  I love massages, but I’ve always hated paying for them.  Lately, I’ve gotten several massage certificates for at least 50% off.  To find really good deals on beauty treatments, restaurants, etc. I recommend checking out WeeklyPlus and Groupon for your city!  I also love getting my hair cut at Aveda concept salons.  I try to find a salon with a training school so I can get a hair cut for $11 from an Aveda Academy student.  Yay for saving money!)  I hope I can work out with my trainer in the morning before my massage.

I also plan on rocking the Awesome by August weigh-in this Friday.  To do that, I’m going to really think about what I’m eating this week and I have plans for lots of cardio.  I need to look in the fridge and figure out what to eat this week that will be delicious and make me full.

Last week was really hard for me and I’m upset that I didn’t eat well or exercise very much at the end of the week.  This week is going to be 10 times better!  *scrunched up face* Thinking positive, thinking positive!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Week in (P)Review [7.19.10]

  1. you’re gonna design a wordpress tutuorial?? sweet! i need as much help as i can get:)

    hopefully Aveda has a concept store in Sydney! love my hairdresser an’ all, but $40 for a 5 minute trim always makes me cringe a little.

    • I’m giving a Geek Lab at BlogHer this year about modifying a WordPress theme. I’m really excited about it, but kind of nervous!

      My hair is really easy: either I’m cutting off 13 inches to donate to Locks of Love or I need a trim. I always keep my hair one length. I get really confused by layers, lol!

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