My Rewards

Today has been an awesome day!  I feel like a total running beast!  Yesterday I did my 3.5 mile run after work on a treadmill.  I love treadmills because there aren’t hills, but I still love to run outside.  I also had a session with my trainer.  I thought we would do some mix of strength and cardio.  Just kidding!  Sprint intervals here I come!  I did two miles of sprint intervals.  I’m not sure what the exact speed and distance combinations are since I just ran whatever Ty told me.  It took about 45 minutes because I got recovery time between each sprint, thank goodness.  The only set I remember was .1 mile at 7.5 mph.  Can you believe it?  7.5 mph!  YAY!

Apparently, intervals like that are what I’m supposed to do to get faster.  I’m not very good at creating interval sets on the treadmill since I’m not sure how fast to go.  I can do intervals on stationary bikes and rowing machines just fine since I do time-based stuff.  I’m thinking of following this beginning interval workout from SparkPeople.  It looks good to me.  What do you runners out there think?

Today I finally did my long run for week 3 of my marathon training.  It was supposed to be 5 miles, but the original route I had planned had some issues (stupid “No Trespassing” signs).  In the end, it was 5.86.  I also ran with the trainer who staffs the Fitness Center at work.  It was great to actually run with someone.  She was fabulous; she really let me set the pace.  My pace turned out to be much quicker than I expected.  Running with someone = good thing.  🙂  Like I said, running beast, haha!

This week I’m working hard on cardio and eating right, but there are other areas that I’m improving too.  I’m trying really hard to reward myself on a more consistent basis for good things that I do than I have in the past.  I’ve come up with two things: spa treatments and music.

Spa Treatments

Thai Massage at Rama Day Spa Frankfurt

I L-O-V-E massages.  I’ve always wanted to budget in regular massages.  This hasn’t happened.  I’m not sure if it will ever happen.  I love to shop: shoes, biking gear, running gear, clothes, kitchen gadgets, electronics…almost anything.  My shopping habit really puts a dent in my massage plans.  I’ve mentioned before that I love WeeklyPlus and Groupon.  Because of those two sites, I’ve been able to stock up on a couple of massage certificates at prices I can afford!  My massages are rewards for hitting certain weight goals.  I think 10 lb. increments are appropriate, don’t you?  My massage on Friday is for weighing in at 180.2!


iPod Shuffle

My little iPod shuffle is one of my favorite gadgets.  I use it every time I go running or do strength training on my own.  For a small while I thought I had lost it and I was devastated!  It’s one of those older shuffles with the button on it and no controls on the headphones.  I can’t stand the newer shuffles because they have volume controls on the headphones.  Anything on the headphone cord completely throws me off.  Seriously.  Anyway, the point here is that I love running with music.  I have a pretty limited collection and none of it seems very geared toward working out or getting my pumped.  I’m rewarding myself with music.  At the end of every week, or whenever I remember, I look at my DailyMile workout log and count up the number of workouts I’ve had since I last bought music.  I get a new song for every workout I did.  I love to think I’m super clever with this stuff 🙂

Photos from wanhoff & marcopako


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