Fitness Bucket List

The other day, I discovered that Angela from Oh She Glows wrote a post about her fitness bucket list.  I read the article she mentioned and got to thinking that I should have a fitness bucket list.  That way I’ll always have a list of things to work towards.  Some of them will be easy to cross off, i.e. completing a race, and others will be a little harder to determine when they’re done.  Either way, it will give me direction, plus I loved sitting and dreaming up things I want to do.

Ironman Triathlon

Kalmar Triathlon (Aug 1st) 40

I’ve always wanted to do a triathlon and I’m so excited to be doing my first in August.  It’s a sprint distance and thankfully triathlons come in lots of distances that I can use as stepping-stones to get to an Ironman length.  I envision myself doing an Ironman distance and then someday being able to do Kona.

Do a 5K in under 30 minutes

I think this one is very achievable!  My trainer certainly thinks so since he’s said that’s the time he wants me to go in a 5K.  I guess I have to keep running and doing sprint intervals.

Take an active/adventure vacation

I’m thinking along the lines of an REI vacation.  I would love to do a hiking or biking vacation.  Or even rafting!  (Again.  I got to do a 16 day trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon for graduation)  Which ever one, I want a vacation where being active is an integral part of it.  It’s possible this goal could be met with doing a race that I would travel for.

Learn how to kayak and kayak somewhere cool


This is pretty self-explanatory, although when I say “somewhere cool” I’m mean, not a pool or reservoir.  I’m making progress on this goal!  I’m going to take a kayaking lesson in a couple of weeks.  I’m pretty excited!

100 Push Up Challenge

At first, this goal was just, Do Real Push Ups.  I didn’t think that was a very good goal and the trainer at work is starting the 100 Push Up Challenge next week.  It just made sense.

Pull Up Challenge

I don’t think a pull up challenge site is ready yet, but I’ll probably want to do that too.  Pull ups are hard and I’d love to be able to do a couple…or however many are in the challenge.

Century Ride

Argus Cycle Tour

I know that I’ll end up doing a century ride during an Ironman Triathlon, but this is something I would want to do anyway.  And I think “century ride” has a really cool ring to it 🙂

Learn how to break dance

Break Dancing

Seriously.  I would love to be able to break dance.  You have to be strong and fit and then you get to do cool stuff!!!

What’s on your fitness bucket list?  What have you already accomplished from your bucket list?

Photos from lokner, brooke_anderson, cdstrachan, arcticpuppy


5 thoughts on “Fitness Bucket List

    • Thanks! For the half marathon I’m focusing on distance, but after that, I may turn my sights to speed 🙂

  1. oh wow, that’s awesome! it’s good to set your goals high (well, 100 pushups to me is practically death defying. i haven’t done A pushup in over a year.) the breakdancing is cool too! totally – do it!! then you can be on so you think you can dance and meet nappy-tabs!

    • Yeah, I think 100 push ups is going to be really hard. But I’m sure I can do it! I’ll learn to break dance and then TV, here I come! 🙂

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