Weekend To Do List

This is weekend will be one of massive productivity.  Seriously.  It will be amazing.  I thoroughly plan on being exhausted at the end of each day.  I have a general to do list for the weekend and day by day breakdown of events going on.  My Google Apps calendar is a little packed right now 🙂

Friday (aka Spa Day)

  • Run 3.5 miles (Yay half marathon training!)
  • Session with Ty (it’s sort of like training for my triathlon: different exercises, one day)
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Hair cut (just a trim!)
  • Go out salsa dancing


  • Venus de Miles club ride
  • Long run?


General To Do

  • Build out site for salsa friend
  • Create WordPress tutorial from site
  • Start creating my own WordPress theme using Microsoft Expression suite
  • Laundry
  • Make chocolate muffins
  • Put away kitchen
  • Unpack desk
  • Move boxes to dresser
  • Do dishes and clean kitchen

This weekend I will be an atom bomb of productivity.  I plan on impressing myself 🙂


One thought on “Weekend To Do List

  1. you are a training goddess! me…i got some walking to do….maybe go for a Sudnay run if my quad cooperates. oh wait – i have the “aroma festival” this weekend, dedicated to all things coffee, tea, and chocolate. that run might have to wait….i need a rest day….anyway…

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