Week in (P)Review [7.26.10]

Week in Review

I usually do a list, but I today I just want to write about last week.  Last week was a pretty good week.  I did my long run on Tuesday of last week and it was awesome for me!  I had someone to run with which was sweet and totally motivating.  I swam once last week, on Tuesday.  I went to the pool on Thursday, but I got in a 200 and there was thunder, which meant we had to be out of the water for 30 minutes since the last instance of thunder/lightning.  At that point, there would have been 10 minutes for us to swim.  Most people bailed and went home.  The thunder continued and it turned into quite a rain storm!

A couple weeks ago, I bought a road bike!  I bought a Giant Avail 3 for women.  I’ve been wanting a new bike and I had toyed with the idea of using my tax return to buy one.  When I got my IRS check, I was able to get a nice entry level bike and have a little left over to put into savings! The weekend after I bought my bike I moved, so I hadn’t had a chance to take it out for a spin until Saturday’s Venus de Miles ride.  It was so amazing!  I just got on it and it went!  It felt like I was hardly working (minus the hills, all hills are evil).  My body needs to get used to the different positioning.  Karli, one of the owners of Full Cycle and founders of the Venus de Miles club, was back and riding!  She recently had a baby and she’s back to riding!  It was great to ride with her because she was able to give me lots of tips on using my gears and bicycle safety.  It was a really great ride.

On Saturday I also went grocery shopping.  I really wanted to get some cooking done for the rest of the week.  I told myself I could grocery shopping, but I wasn’t allowed to start cooking until I had unpacked all my kitchen stuff.  Well, I’m very proud to say that my kitchen stuff is unpacked!  I have all my baking stuff and my snacks and cereal.  Really, this is a huge accomplishment for me.  After unpacking, I started making jam.  I made Strawberry Balsamic Jam from my recipes list.  I had some yesterday for a snack in a waffle sandwich and it’s delicious!  This morning for breakfast I had two waffles with jam, topped with fresh strawberries.  Why do people buy non-homemade jam?  Having done it once, it’s pretty simple and I’ll definitely be doing it again.  I also made Thai Peanut Noodles for this week and portioned it out into 7 individual servings (I ate one serving for dinner :)) so it’ll be easy to grab a healthy dinner this week.

Jam Waffles

Hello, my name is delicious.

On Sunday, I went kayaking!!!  Being a decent kayaker is on my Fitness Bucket List and I’ve taken the first step.  I took a day long lesson with Renaissance Adventure Guides.  The guys teaching were so great!  It was really fun.  At the time, it may have a been a little scary.  Being in a boat on water is a little out of my usual element of just being water.  I have a lovely sunburn on my face from the tops of my cheeks down.  Evidently that’s where the hat bill stops shading my face.  I did apply sunscreen and reapply, I guess more is needed!  Afterward, I was completely exhausted.  All day in the sun, paddling around, and getting a great workout is really tiring!  I’m definitely going to do it again.  I’ll probably take day one again and I’m working on convincing my office mate to try it.  🙂

I’m still working on my WordPress stuff…and some of my laundry.  My half marathon training didn’t go as well as I wanted it to, so I’m going to repeat last week.

Week in Preview

I’m hoping to get my runs in early this week.  I’m going to be traveling this weekend, so I’d also to make sure that I’m eating healthy on the road.  Hopefully I can get a swim in on Tuesday.  I’m also going to finish my laundry and finish up the WordPress stuff.  I’m still pretty tired from yesterday, so the idea of planning my week is a little overwhelming.  I’m going to leave the preview at that.


4 thoughts on “Week in (P)Review [7.26.10]

  1. Sounds like a great week! I make all our jams and jellies, just prefer making it for my kids than the crazy concoctions you can buy that are loaded with who knows what.

    • I think I’m going to start making all my own too! I made jam with four ingredients: fruit, secondary flavor (optional), pectin, sugar. I love knowing exactly what’s in my food and having lots of control.
      It’s really bad at restaurants when I think “oh goodness, they used 2 tablespoons of oil when 2 teaspoons would have been fine.”

  2. haha…i’m repeating my last week’s half marathon training too! i only ran like…once i think. (not my fault. quad’s fault.) have fun on your new bike! my husband keeps saying he wants a road bike (he’s got a fancy bike but “it’s not the same.”) guess i just don’t know. the only one i’ve sat on in the last few years didn’t have wheels…

    • I just feel like I missed too much of the week for it to be useful. What happened with your quad? I hope it’s feeling better. If not, don’t push it too hard!

      I now have two bikes, a road bike and one that’s great for commuting. I don’t want to get my new shiny bike all dirty by commuting on it! When you say didn’t have wheels are you talking a stationary bike? Otherwise, I’m greatly confused! 🙂

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