Week in (P)Review [8.2.10]

Week in Review

I always feel like I only remember the weekend when I think about what I want to write about for my week in review part.  I guess I just love weekends!

Last week was a really good week for me.  I ran three times last week and went biking.  On Wednesday morning I got up early, went for a run, and then went on a Venus de Miles training ride.  The ride was hill intervals up NCAR!  NCAR is on a really big hill (or at least it’s big to me).  We did 5 minute hill intervals (5 minutes up, 2 minutes recovery).  I made it to the top of the hill and I pretty much felt like a beast!  Wednesday was awesome!

At the top of NCAR

*Rawr* I'm a beast!

Skipping to Sunday, I did another hill intensive workout, this time with Ty and three other women.  We went to Conifer and ran a three mile route that’s a lot of uphill and downhill.  The goal is to do a six mile loop.  It’ll happen…

On Sunday I also had a Gap Magic* appointment.  The whole idea was to have two outfits, one casual & one business, styled for you to wear to BlogHer (see Preview) featuring some of Gap’s new clothes, like their line of black pants.  The entire appointment was one non-scale victory after another.  I went down one-two sizes, depending on what I was trying on!  SQUEE!!  Talk about a great day.  I found two outfits that are really cute.  Both of them use multi-tasking pieces that are easily dressed up or down.

My two personal favorites are the Perfect Trouser Pant and the Ribbon T.  I’ve always loved trouser-style pants and Gap hasn’t carried any that are especially flattering on me for a few years.  I’m so excited to have another option for a black pant.  I’m going to have to stock up to make sure I always have a pair available!  As far as the Ribbon T goes, it was love at first sight!  I think tuxedo-inspired shirts are just adorable, but it’s hard to find one I’ll wear since it has to abide by my limited/no ruffles policy.  The ribbon was such a fresh take on ruffles that I couldn’t resist it!  A post that involves a barrage of photos is coming soon 🙂

Week in Preview

This week I want to focus on my running.  The mileage has been upped and I want to try to get most of it in before Friday.  Mostly because I’m going to BlogHer in New York!!  I leave on Thursday at 6am; that is seriously early.  The conference doesn’t officially start until Friday, so I’m hoping to fit in a workout on Thursday afternoon/evening.  I’m going to be giving a Geek Lab about altering a WordPress theme on Saturday.  If you’re going to be a BlogHer, I would love to meet up with you!  Leave me a comment, @ reply me on Twitter, or send me an email (ed [at] creepyed [dot] com).

My monthly goal review and my goals for August are coming up this week too.

*Huge thanks to Gap who picked up my shopping tab and Brand About Town who organized everything.  The opinions here are all my own.


2 thoughts on “Week in (P)Review [8.2.10]

  1. so jealous that you’re going to Blogher! that’s awesome you’re doing that wordpress teach, i’m sad i’m gonna miss it though.(wordpress is not my best friend.)

    hey congrats on going down a couple sizes! that’s like the best feeling in the world. (and i’m with you about the ruffles. seriously, who said they look good on anyone?)

    • I’m really excited about my session! I need to practice it though. BlogHer usually records the sessions, so I’ll be sure to post some info about that once I have some.

      It’s almost a bad thing about going down sizes since now I want to shop!! haha 🙂

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