BlogHer10, part 1

I’m here in New York at BlogHer and I’m loving it!  Let’s go over some things that happen when I travel.

  1. I don’t eat nearly as well as usual.  I go out to eat a lot while traveling.  I try to choose healthy options, but sometimes that cream sauce is calling my name.  I do try really hard to eat in good portions though!
  2. Working out probably won’t happen.  I always mean for it to happen, but there’s so much going on!  And when I say there’s so much going on I mean not only does working out fall by the wayside, so does sleep.
  3. I walk a lot.  Only someone with a death wish drives in New York.  I get a little of exercise in from all the walking.
  4. I don’t drink as much as I should, but this time I’m going to focus on drinking water.

I said I’d take tons of photos, but it’s been a photo fail.  I took a picture this morning before I left the room.  It’s my casual Gap Magic outfit.  I’m a really big fan and I’ve gotten several compliments!  🙂


One thought on “BlogHer10, part 1

  1. again, i’m so jealous that you’re over there and i’m, well, not! i know what you mean; it’s hard to eat right and stay hydrated when you’re out of your element. but who cares – you’re in New York giving wordpress tutorials at a national conference! you deserve a kit-kat, damn it!

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