BlogHer10 Swag!

Last week was a really nice break from everything.  I didn’t work out every day, I didn’t blog everyday and I spent some time recharging from a couple crazy weekends.  Because I didn’t blog very much last week, I have tons to write about!  For example, lately I’ve been a rockstar in the kitchen.  I’m definitely going to write about those adventures this week too.

Mainly this week is going to be BlogHer Recap week.  Be on the lookout for posts about my Gap Magic outfits, people I met at BlogHer, the sessions, and some general Hip to be a Square news.  I’m going to start with a photo intensive post of all my favorite swag*!!

I’m so excited about this Measure Up bowl!  I actually picked it up in the Swag recycle area.  I’ve been wanting to try out a bowl like this, but not wanting to buy one.  This will be absolutely perfect.  Once upon a time, I saw a really cute set on, but the line was discontinued.  Since then, I haven’t wanted to buy a set that wasn’t as cute.  I’m going to use this bowl for a while and perhaps it will win me over with function.

This little basil egg from Wal-Mart looks so much fun!  I love basil, but I’ve never grown it myself.  My roommate has a basil plant that I water when she’s out-of-town, but I haven’t broached the topic of actually using the basil yet.  Nothing is better in the summer than homemade pesto with homegrown basil.  Evidently you crack the egg, water it, and eventually plant it in a pot.  I don’t know how long it will keep without cracking the egg.  Can I grow basil in the winter if it’s inside?

My mom introduced me to Aquaphor about a year and a half ago.  Ever since then, it’s been my go to product when my skin is really dry and needs moisture ASAP.  That happens more often in Colorado than it did in Indiana.  I took a tube of Aquaphor with me when I went on a 16-day white water rafting trip down the Grand Canyon and it completely saved my skin!  Aquaphor had their own booth and this lip repair product is new!  I’m always on the lookout for a really great moisturizing lip product that doesn’t make my lips tingle, I can’t stand it when that happens.  I picked up two tubes and I’m going to send one to my mom since I know she would love it.

I stopped by the SoyJoy booth and was able to snag several bars.  The banana flavor is new.  I’m pretty fickle when it comes to bananas; sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t.  I’m hoping this falls under a time when I like them.  I tried a SoyJoy bar a long time ago and I wasn’t a big fan of it, but one of the women at the booth told me the recipe had just been reworked.  I’m hoping the rework pays off!  I’ll probably grab one of these tonight and eat half before my workout session with Ty and half after.

This is a really cool contraption from the got milk? campaign.  It’s a cereal container.  The top part holds the cereal.  The lid has a foldable spoon that clips to it.  The bottom has this nifty gel stuff inside.  You put the bottom part in the freezer overnight and in the morning pour milk in it, screw it all together and you’re good to go!  The frozen gel can keep milk cold for about 4 hours.  When you’re ready to eat you cereal you just pour the milk into the cereal.  It’s genius!  I used it all last week and loved it!  Plus, it fit into my cup holders in the car, so it wasn’t rolling about.

This last one, I just can’t help but love and I knew I would have to feature it on my favorite swag post.  There was a session at BlogHer for Bringing Sex Out of the Closet sponsored by Eden Fantasys.  Eden Fantasys also hosted a sex toy suite party the next evening, which I definitely went to!  It was hilariously fun!  The highlight was the dildo decorating table.  Seriously, there was glitter glue, puffy paint, feathers, googly eyes.  And there was an adorable station for making a pair of condom earrings (the condoms were definitely not supposed to be used after being made into jewelry).  My ears aren’t pierced, otherwise you would get to see a rocking picture of me with condom earrings.  Instead, check out that nice picture (sadly, this is sort of a standard face I make in pictures) of me at that party.  The swag from the party was a vibrator, a magic bullet thing, and some containers of lube.  I know that this topic is quite the departure from what I usually blog about, but this is a healthy living/be happy blog.  As far as I’m concerned, a healthy sex life can positively contribute to a healthy living and be happy goal.  So, just know this: that swag will definitely be helping to work towards those goals.

*Huge thanks to BlogHer Sponsors who provided these products to BlogHer attendees.  The opinions here are all my own.


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