BlogHer10: Gap Magic

Alright, I’ve been really lax in posting.  Please don’t be too angry with me.  I haven’t been eating and working out in a way that I’m all that proud of, so I don’t really want to talk about that yet.  No, really.  This morning I attacked, with unnatural ferocity, the adorable individual-sized baked bries I made last night.  There will be more on that later, in my post about my recent kitchen adventures (see? It’s going to happen Maria, promise!).  With that admission of my recent healthy short-comings, today I’m hoping to distract you with clothes.  Specifically Gap clothes.  Because I love the Gap and Banana Republic.  I don’t have a Luxe card by accident, that’s for sure!

As I mentioned, the idea of Gap Magic was to provide one casual and one business casual outfit for BlogHer.  I’ll be honest, I felt a little bad for Casey because I think I tried on almost everything in the store.  In general, I love the Gap, but for some reason it was hard to find tops I really loved that would work for the business casual outfit.  A lot of the tops I tried on were a little too long and the bottom was a cut like a baseball tee.  I didn’t like them since they looked odd untucked and I just don’t do tucking in.  Overall, we finally came up with a business casual outfit I was happy with and that could be worn multiple ways.  My main goal was pieces that could multi-task in my wardrobe and an entire outfit that can multi-task is even better.

Before I show you the crazy high-quality photos I took of myself on my cellphone and go into the details of the outfits, I just want to be happy about my non-scale victory at Gap again.  I went down a pant size and a shirt size when I got these clothes!  I know I already wrote about how I excited I was, but I’m still that excited!  So, yay NSV!  🙂

Day 1: Casual

Day 2: Business Casual

I love everything I got!  I don’t bring it home if I’m not jazzed about it.  I know all too well that if I’m not jazzed about it in the store, I won’t be jazzed about it at home.  I’ve worn most of the pieces again!  The city flats are actually super convenient since they “fold” up and I just toss them in my purse for later (like when my feet hurt after wearing 4 inch heels).  I hope that was nice distraction from your day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “BlogHer10: Gap Magic

  1. i SO miss those stores, especially Banana Republic (although Gap is good for jeans, especially when they go on mad sale.) LOVE those trouser pants. anything with a wider ankle i totally believe in. in fact, i’ve never understood skinny jeans. the tapered ankle makes everything above it seem that much wider! i mean, what were they thinking??? (or am i just old, here?)

    • I can’t stand skinny jeans!! Give me a trouser or a flare any day. Let’s be honest, I have hips. Beautiful, sumptuous hips. They need to balanced with some volume at my ankle! There are all of 5 women in the world that look good in skinny jeans. Every time I see someone in skinny jeans I want to tell them, “You aren’t one of the 5. You don’t even know one of the 5.”
      Basically, I agree. Boo on unflattering skinny jeans.

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