Life SOS!

Chocolate Zingers

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OK, today is special because you get two posts in one day.  It’s like a bonus.  Alright, here’s what’s going on.  It’s my favorite frackin’ time of the month and I have been craving fat and sugar.  Not just craving, but then eating!  This morning I polished off not one, but TWO bite-sized baked brie.  This afternoon I actually bought a pack of Zingers.  Not only did I buy them, I ate them!  Let me tell you, they were so disgusting, but so good.  WHAT IS GOING ON??  I eat better than this.  I’m healthier than this.  Goodness, at this rate my butt is going to fit into my old jeans.

I need someone to whip me into eating shape!  Or at least motivate me to do so.  All I can really do is hope next week is better.  I feel super stressed this week since I have a sprint triathlon on Saturday and a 33-mile cycling event on Sunday.  With those events coming up, I should filling up on whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, and veggies!  Not heavily processed chocolate with creepy cream filling!!!  I even tried writing out a schedule to help me deal with the stress and apparently it’s not really working since I’m stuffing my face like I’m getting paid.  Rawr (<– why yes, I speak dinosaur).

I don’t know how things will go tonight since I’m headed to a DeRailed meetup because the guy I’m dating is speaking at it.  Uh, I’ll let that sink in for a minute.  …Ready?  Yeah, I’m dating someone, hell we might even be in a relationship.  This is just a lot for me to handle right now.  I think if someone could shake me and yell at me to “GET AN EFF-ING GRIP!!!”, I would really appreciate that.

Sorry for the post that was all over the place, but I really needed to vent.  I almost feel better.  Perhaps I’ll go sweat it out later.  That sounds good, right?? (Awesome, a Zemanta-recommended tag is Mental Health.  Ulgh.)


2 thoughts on “Life SOS!

  1. well, i’ve never heard of zingers, but anything with chocolate, i’m game 🙂

    you’re gonna KICK ASS this weekend!! and you still have days to get some healthy food in, so don’t feel bad about a few pieces of chocolate. just think about how much fun you’ll have this weekend, how proud you’re gonna feel, and how amazing that bottle of wine is gonna be at the end of it all 🙂

    • You’ll have to send me your address so I can ship some Zingers to you (and anything you might need from Gap :)). They’re awful, disgusting, processed, goodness. Really, you should just stick to Lindt…worlds better.
      Today is going to be healthier! I already have dinner planned for tonight ( and I think I’m having dinner made for me tomorrow night. Now I just have to manage the afternoon munchies.
      This weekend will be amazing, tiring, but amazing. I just have to remember how bad ass it will sound when I say I’ve done a triathlon!!

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