On being Organized…

Lately, I feel as if my life has been very disorganized.  I don’t like that.  It all started when I was traveling almost a month ago at this point.

Things that have me feeling disorganized

  • New York…two weekends in a row
  • Taking a break from life after New York
  • Taking a break after Iron Girl & Venus de Miles
  • My messy room (stupid laundry, fold yourself)
  • My messy desk space
  • Not planning my food as extensively as I should be
  • Not working out as often as I should be
  • Being in a relationship (I’m not used to being in a relationship and trying to find a balance is proving extremely difficult for me)
  • My crazy inboxes (AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!)
  • Commitments I’ve made that I’m being super-flaky with (so not ok)

I can’t fix all of this at once.  It’s going to have to be in small steps.  To me, the most pressing items are my desk space and finding a routine that works for everyone in my life, particularly me.  It looks like tonight I’ll have to sit down and decide what should happen when and run it past the Cuddle Monster’s schedule.  Basically, a balance needs to be achieved.  Everything is so different.  Before I just needed to balance myself and that was easy.  Now I’m balancing myself, but I’m trying to with another schedule/balance outside of my own and it’s really tricky.

Did everyone already know that this stuff is hard?  Am I just late to the party?


Image by Kirti Poddar via Flickr

Anyway, I’m really excited because today is Tuesday.  It’s not just any Tuesday, but it’s the first ever Tuesday Boozeday!  Here’s the idea behind Tuesday Boozeday:

I enjoy drinking.  Seriously.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Jameson on the rocks, but sometimes I really want a girly, delicious, mixed drink.  What I don’t want is a drink that has the caloric content of a meal and nutrient content of Cool Whip (please insert Family Guy/Stewie discussion here).  I love to design drinks and I figured it might be time to start making them as well, since most bars don’t have all the ingredients I want.  The goal: creative (hopefully!), delicious drinks that don’t break the calorie bank.

I have my first Tuesday Boozeday planned and a few friends will be over after work.  Hopefully everything will be wonderful.  Theoretically I’m going to remember to take lots of pictures and I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!!


2 thoughts on “On being Organized…

    • I just enjoy creative drinks. During the summer, I wanted drinks with berries muddled in them, but even restaurants weren’t able to accommodate me. Come on people, buy seasonal produce!!

      I have some really fun things swimming around in my head 🙂

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