I know I’ve been whining for at least a week about how I need to get back on track with things.  Seriously, I do.  I can feel that I’ve gained weight which is a big bunch of NOT OK!  Rawr.  I’m just a little unhappy with how my healthy/workout life is going right now.  There’s a lot going on right now and I really am trying to balance all of it, it’s just that I feel like I’m failing miserably.  Last night, for example, I had planned on making a delicious puff pastry pizza for dinner.  I ran out of time and wound up eating at a microbrewery.  I wasn’t paying attention to my body and I polished off almost everything on my plate.  I was uncomfortably full and wondering what on earth I had been thinking.  This needs to stop.  If I can find time tonight, I need to go to the grocery store and buy lots of fruits and veggies.  I think that will help.  Or perhaps just letting things go.  Maybe I’m stressing myself out with all the things I keep thinking I should be doing, but am not.  Like the watermelon I’ve been meaning to cut up for a week.  STOP STRESSING ME OUT WATERMELON!  I guess that made me feel a bit better.  Anyway, onto the real reason why you’re reading this post: Tuesday Boozeday.

Yesterday was the first Tuesday Boozeday and I decided I wanted to make something super easy: Jell-O-tinis.  Not your regular college Jell-O shots, these were served in martini glasses with spoons to avoid the awkward paper cup tongue moment.  I followed a standard recipe for Jell-O-tinis and made them before I went to work in the morning so they would be set when I got home.

Jell-O-tinis (makes 4)

1 packet Jell-O (regular or sugar-free)

1 cup boiling water

1 cup vodka

Mix boiling water and Jell-O in a bowl until dissolved for 2 minutes.  Stir in the vodka.  Put 1/2 cup in each martini glass.  Place in fridge until set.  Enjoy responsibly.

My Variations


I love making great flavor combinations and Jell-O-tinis is a great way to test things out.  I made three batches.  One with sugar-free Jell-O and two with regular since the Jell-O flavors I wanted didn’t come in sugar-free.  I put together the following combos:

  • Sugar-free Raspberry Jell-O and cranberry vodka
  • Orange Jell-O and coconut vodka
  • Lemon Jell-O and clementine vodka

The raspberry was just fine, but it was the citrusy ones that I loved.  I’ll have to be on the lookout for sugar-free orange and lemon Jell-O.  Maybe even lime!  The orange and coconut tasted just like summer and the lemon and clementine was refreshing and tart.  I thought these were super fun and colorful.  I’m definitely going to make them again so I can continue to experiment with flavors!

Nutrition Info

Sugar-free Jell-O Jell-O
Sugar-free jell-o jell-o

6 thoughts on “Jell-O-tinis

    • The Jell-O-tinis were thoroughly delicious. You could have a batch of Jell-O for kids and batch for adults! 🙂 The watermelon was just taking up so much space in the fruit bowl and it was taunting me every morning! So, this morning, I cut it up. It’s all cubed and in containers in the fridge just waiting to be devoured. I’m much better at devouring things that preparing them, haha!

      I’m really glad you put up that post since I’ve been feeling the same way. It’s nice to know that other people go through rough spots too, you know? I think my new mantra might be “Treat yourself like your best friend. Be kind, be loving, be supportive.” Yeah.

  1. ah girl, i hear ya. it’s so easy for exercise and healthy eating to fall by the wasyside when life gets busy. on the positive, i find i just need one good day, and i’m right back into it!

    yay for Tuesday Boozeday! what kind of vodka did you use? have you ever tried Ciroc? it’s made by P.Diddy so you know it’s gotta be good :p

    • Today is going to be my good day…seriously. I got three different brands of vodka and I can’t remember any of them right now, haha! I had no idea Ciroc was made by P. Diddy. I will definitely have to check that out, lol!!

    • They were quite delish, if I do say so myself. Of course, I’m really biased with anything I make. If it’s anywhere near edible, I’m super-duper proud of myself and think it’s the best thing in the world, haha!!

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