Long Weekend :)

I love long weekends.  I especially love long weekends that involve me working very little on Friday and having Monday off.  As usual, my weekend was too short, even if it was long.  Here’s my weekend in a nutshell…and when I say nutshell I mean bulleted list because I love lists, particularly when bullets are involved.

Weekend Lowlights

  • Having to work a couple of hours on Friday (I wanted my weekend to start Thursday night!!)
  • Missing my optometrists appointment Friday morning because I was finishing running scripts
  • Feeling rushed and behind all Friday
  • Forgetting my running shoes in Boulder on Monday which meant I had to drive from Lakewood to Boulder to Lakewood
  • Fourmile Canyon Fire
  • I spent more money than I meant to, but I bought a really cute whisk and some adorable shoes!
  • My right foot is in lots of pain, more on that in a different post
  • Feeling ill Monday night, but it’s ok, I feel better today!

Weekend Highlights

  • Working out with Ty on Friday and Monday
  • Running 8 miles on Sunday (longest I’ve ever gone!)
  • Leisurely swim on Monday at Spruce Pool before it closed for the season
  • Cleaning out my car!!
  • Going to Kaos Pizza in Denver for dinner with the Cuddle Monster (yay Groupon!)
  • Going to Barnes & Noble (I’m re-reading The Hobbit) and geeking out at Enchanted Grounds with the Cuddle Monster
  • Salsa dancing on Sunday at D-Note
  • Having an impromptu cheese party with @invinciblekate and getting to try her September dessert: Cinnamon honey and plum reduction atop homemade scones w/ mascarpone cheese
  • Going to The Blending Cellar Monday evening to sit outside, listen to jazz, and sip wine

My weekend highlights far outweighed my weekend lowlights.  It really was a lovely weekend.

Today I’m headed into Denver for a surprise birthday party.  Because of that, there won’t be a Tuesday Boozeday post.  😦  No need to worry, there will be one next week.  I already have a fabulous idea of what I want to make.  It’s going to be scrumptious and fresh and stretch summer just a little bit.

I’ve been talking a lot about jump starting things, so tomorrow I’m going to start the Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge from Mark’s Daily Apple.  I think this will help overhaul my diet and really get me thinking about what I want to be putting in my body.  It’s really easy for me to hop on challenges like this at a moment’s notice since I’m cooking for myself and don’t have a whole lot in the fridge at any one time, but if you’d like to join me in the challenge feel free!!


2 thoughts on “Long Weekend :)

    • I think you should!! Just based on what you like to eat, I think this food philosophy would mesh with you really well. Of course, I need to overhaul my fridge, but it’s going to happen, I might just have to tack a few days on to the end of the challenge to make up for it 🙂

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