September Goals

Yes, I know it’s the 8th of September.  I decided I didn’t care and wanted to post some goals for September anyway.

September Goals

  • Do the Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge
  • Get an eating schedule
  • Swim in the morning (perhaps 1x week?)
  • Start a weigh-in day
  • Start learning West Coast Swing (there, I said it.  The Cuddle Monster dances West Coast and I dance salsa and I don’t get the sense he’s as open to learning salsa as I am to learning West Coast Swing.  I’d like to be able to dance something with him!  Plus, it looks like my salsa style will fit really well into West Coast Swing…or at least I’m hoping.  Stay tuned for updates on this one.)

I think a short list of goals is very appropriate as I get back into the idea of setting monthly goals.  Of course, the Primal Blueprint Challenge is a huge goal, so the list may be short, but it’s going to be hard!

Primal Blueprint Update

organic fruit and vegetables

Image by val'sphotos via Flickr

Alright, this morning was pretty much a wash when it came to primal eating, really just eating in general.  I had three fun size candy bars in my purse that I justified eating by saying, I might as well do all my primal cheating at once!  The rest of breakfast was some delicious Liberte coconut yogurt (I think the through the roof fat content contributed to the deliciousness) mixed with two chopped up mangoes.  It’s just that I have stuff in the fridge and I don’t want to throw it out because it was a tiny bit expensive and then I would feel like I was wasting food, which is never a good feeling.  Perhaps until my food supplies can be overhauled I should commit to two primal meals and primal snacks.  That way I have one meal a day to finish the food that’s in my fridge and not feel guilty about it.  That sounds reasonable, right?  I was just grabbing things out of the fridge for snacks today and I know I’m going to have to get some protein today since I grabbed a container of watermelon, two oranges and a bag of carrots.  That will definitely not keep me full for the whole day.  If anyone has some great recipes using Primal Blueprint foods, please let me know!!


2 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I’m lucky, my kids will gladly clean up any non-primal foods, lol. I can understand not wanting to waste what you have, I wouldn’t want to either.
    I’m feeling great on the challenge so far…why I jump head first into carbs I’ve no clue, I always feel like crap, ugh. I’m going to work on some primal recipes.

    • What I have isn’t necessarily unhealthy (minus those fun size candy bars, but I got them last night at a party), it’s just dairy and grains. I don’t why I eat to the point of uncomfortable fullness either. I know what’s coming and I always regret it. Please please please share any recipes you come up with!! I’m at a loss of what to do right now! Obviously there will be a planning day soon!

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