Bringing Healthy Back

This weekend was great!  Short, but great.  After work on Friday, I lounged around and when I say “lounged around” I actually mean I laid like an unmoving mound in my bed covered in blankets while chatting with the Cuddle Monster on the phone.  I was really stressed after work about things I had to do that weekend.  He’s getting to know me really well.  He told me that I need to slow down and stop planning and scheduling every hour of my day.  It’s unlikely that will happen, but I might start spending some more time just relaxing and doing nothing.

Around 7:50, I headed to Avalon for my first-ever West Coast Swing lesson.  It’s totally different from salsa, which makes it so hard for me!  I went out with the Cuddle Monster on Saturday to a swing night.  There was a beginner lesson that I took and then (AAHHH!!) social dancing.  The counts are so different and really hard for me, but I’m determined to be fabulous at this, so I’ll keep doing it.  Plus, I like to think I got better as the night went on.  Alright, that’s likely since I kept dancing.  Basically, the people in West Coast Swing are a bunch of sweethearts and I’m going to stick with it for a bit.

Sunday was pretty fabulous because I got to play rugby.  I played for a couple semesters in college, but we were a club so it was really casual and we didn’t have a coach.  I’ve really missed having a team dynamic in my life, so I think I’m going to stick with rugby too.  Playing rugby on Sunday made me want to get serious about getting into shape.

Which brings me to my next point…bringing healthy back into my life.  Kaleigh, from 2 People, 2 Dogs, 1 Apartment, just blogged about Getting Back to Healthy and I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve been having major motivation issues lately.  The past two or three weeks I’ve been eating out a lot.  This has been putting a major dent in my wallet and my body has felt awful.  I need to get back to being in the kitchen and making my own food.  This morning I made a list of things I want to eat this week.  Tonight when I get home, I’ll be cleaning out the fridge.  Then I’m going to head to Sprouts with my shopping list.  Overall, things are getting better.

Tomorrow is Tuesday Boozeday!!  I’m really excited to celebrate the last bit of summer with what will hopefully be a refreshing and delicious drink! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Bringing Healthy Back

  1. Rugby! How awesome is that! Have fun at Sprouts (one of my most favorite places to go!) And good luck getting your health on!

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