Menu Planning

Yesterday, I finally menu planned!  I was able to find some recipes that will use up some stuff I already have.  Usually I’m menu planning for one, so I pick two lunch/dinner dishes.  Since most recipes are for more than one, I have lots of serving-sized plastic containers and I divide up a recipe right away.  Breakfast is usually cereal, granola, or a yogurt parfait.  I love using my got milk? container for breakfast.  My life is so on-the-go that it works out really well to have individual servings of things that I can heat up, sit down, and eat.  My fridge sometimes looks super organized because it’s a bunch of stacked plastic containers!

This week one of my friends is coming to visit me, so I won’t have a lot of time to cook this weekend.  Because of that, I picked four easy recipes that I can make quickly and store easily.  That way I have meals for this week and part of next week.  Plus, with the two extra recipes, I’m prepped for my friend visiting and I’m prepped if the Cuddle Monster wants to stop by for dinner.  Because I love menu planning so much, I’m going to go into some detail.  Lucky you! 🙂


Easy Vegan Overnight Oats from Oh She Glows.  I made them last night and had them this morning.  I’m not usually a fan of oatmeal, but this was ok.  It was little heavy on the chia seeds, so I might decrease the amount if I make it again.  I made it with coconut milk and topped it with peanut butter, unsweetened shredded coconut, and honey.  These are filling, that’s for sure!  I couldn’t finish all of it, so I set what I had leftover aside for a mid-morning snack.  It’s four hours later and I’m just starting to get hungry.  When I find a combination that really sits well with me, these will probably be put in my regular breakfast rotation.

Breakfast Burritos.  I have some tortillas and eggs that I need to use along with onions and peppers, so I though a natural choice would be breakfast burritos.  I’m thinking I’ll scramble the eggs and sautee the onions and peppers and keep that mixture separate.  I’ll heat it up as needed, throw it in a tortilla, and top with salsa.  I think I might do these with egg whites and save the yolks for another recipe/adventure.  Once this recipe is figured out, I’ll probably write something up about it since I’ll be so proud!!


Cincinnati Chili from Budget Bytes.  This is on my recipe page.  I figured if I was going to make a bunch of recipes, I should at least cross on of them off.  It’s fall and chili just seems like the right thing to do.  I got ground turkey instead of beef, I hope it turns out well.  I might add somethings and I didn’t have spaghetti, so I might be having it with bow tie pasta 🙂

Ma Po Tofu Stir-fry with Broccoli from Summit Sandwiches.  I love tofu and Asian food, so I’m really excited to try this!  Of course, I don’t have a wok, but I think I’ll be fine with a skillet.  Lindsay seems to be on an Asian food theme right now (which I am more than ok with) and I’m also super excited to try Indian-Style Tofu and Cauliflower with Tomato Chutney and Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous in a few weeks!

Open-face tuna sandwiches.  I have some bread that I need to use and some homegrown tomatoes.  What better way than an open-face tuna sandwich with tuna, tomato, and cheese?  Exactly.  I couldn’t think of one either.  This should be super easy to prep since I just need to mix up the tuna and then I can put in a plastic container and be all set!

Pantry Rice & Beans (Burritos?).  Basically, I know I have rice and I know I have beans.  I also have some salsa that I should use.  And I think I might have some corn.  I was thinking this would just be a everything-in-one-bowl kind of meal, but after reading about these burritos from Dietitian on the Run, I thought maybe it could go in a tortilla and be baked.  Of course, that might be a lot of carbs, so it’s something I’m going to ponder.


Hello fruits and veggies & hummus.  And SoyJoy bars, which I’ve discovered I love!

Hopefully with all this planning, good things will happen in my life.  Yeah. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Menu Planning

    • I do too! Or at least I do now 🙂 I tried SoyJoy several years ago and I thought it was awful. I’m so glad they redid the recipe. I love things that don’t taste like cardboard, haha!

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