Super Fun Weekend in Boulder

This past weekend, Adrie came to visit me.  Adrie and I went to high school together and have managed to stay in touch.  This is quite the accomplishment for me and really all of the credit goes to Adrie.  I was super excited to spend some time with her and do tons of fun stuff in Boulder.  Since I love lists and am a little short on time, here’s some highlights of what we did 🙂

  • Hiked the Canyon Loop Trail at Betasso Preserve.  The hike was really lovely and I definitely recommend it.  It wasn’t very strenuous, so it worked perfectly for a casual morning.
  • Boulder Farmers’ Market.  I’m a little ashamed to admit this was my first time to the Farmers’ Market.  I absolutely loved it and I’ll definitely be going back each week!  I picked up some pasta (more on that in kitchen adventures), delicious nuts from Olomomo, and a lovely mixed fruit bag.  I also picked up some veggies for the Cuddle Monster that I hope he’s planning on using in a couple dinners…when I’m around so I get to try them.  I got rainbow carrots, beets, edamame, and peppers.  I don’t think I’ve ever had beets before, so if anyone has a delicious recipe for beets, please share!
  • Strolling on Pearl St.  Adrie and I just walked up and down Pearl St., which was lovely.  I found a delectable coat at Patagonia which I will be the proud owner of someday.  Trust me.
  • Denver Roller Dolls roller derby.  I’d never been to a roller derby before and I loved it!!  They have the home championships on October 16th and I’ll definitely be there.  If you’re in Colorado and want to go, you definitely should!!
  • Bike ride to Rush Bowls in north Boulder and a stop at Boulder Green Streets on the way back.
  • Eating and kitchen adventures: stuffed bell peppers, cranberry dark chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, dark chocolate linguine with ice cream and peaches, Lazy Dog on Pearl, Little India in Bel Mar, Pasta Jay’s on Pearl, and, of course, Rush!

2 thoughts on “Super Fun Weekend in Boulder

    • I mixed several recipes together, so I’ll try to figure it out so I can post it. It was a lot of, “What do I have and what can I bake with it?” They were seriously amazing and I highly recommend making them 🙂

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