Laundry Day for the Obsessive Compulsive

I have some good news and some bad news.  I’ll start with the bad news since I think the good news will make it all better.  Yesterday was Tuesday, but I didn’t celebrate Tuesday Boozeday.  😦  I know, this is a huge blow.  Trust me, I was sad too.  The good news is that I’m going to celebrate it a day late and whip up something alcoholic and spectacular tonight!!

Alright, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s talk laundry.  Last night, the reason I didn’t celebrate Tuesday Boozeday was because I was doing laundry.  I’m sure most people think of laundry as an easy set-it-and-forget-it chore, but not for me.  You see, I have lots of clothes.  When I’m not looking, they get together and procreate like rabbits.  Seriously, it happens (aww, this tunic has mommy’s shape and daddy’s color).  Since I had clothing piles of at least a foot high covering my floor, I decided it was time to do something about it.  Here’s how I do laundry in 14 easy to follow steps.

  1. Make bed.  All cleaning should start with making your bed.  It gives you a very large space to put piles of things and if nothing else gets done, at least you made the bed.
  2. Sort through all clothes to determine what’s dirty and what’s clean.  Throw dirty clothes in laundry hampers (and when they overflow, just pile them on the floor nearby) and clean clothes at the foot of the bed.
  3. Sort dirty clothes into loads: darks, whites, heavy (towels, jeans, heavy pants, workout pants), delicates/line dry, and dry clean.
  4. Realize that there is no way you can get all those loads done before 10 pm (Housing Association laundry hours are from 9 am – 10 pm).  Panic and contemplate finding a laundromat on Google Maps.
  5. Thank genius roommate for mentioning there is half as many people on the first floor and telling me I should use that washer and dryer too.
  6. Start first load: darks and heavy.
  7. Sort through pile of clean clothes at the bottom of the bed.  One pile for pieces to hang, one pile for intimates, one stack of shirts waiting to be folded, and fold pants as you go.
  8. Move first load to dryer and start second load: whites and delicates/line dry.
  9. Put intimates in their respective drawers.  Fold clean shirts and hang up hanging pieces.  Put things to be dry cleaned in a bag and put next to purse for tomorrow morning.
  10. Go get first load (and delicates/line dry) from the dryer and move second load into the dryer.  Repeat steps 7 and 9.  Hang up and lay out clothes to dry.  Lay out towels and jeans from the heavy load since they didn’t get all the way dry.
  11. Realize you are starving.  Eat dinner.
  12. Start putting away clothes so you can sleep in your bed later.  I have an intense system of organizing my t-shirts, so I had to separate those out first (I’m not kidding, I have shirts organized by color, neck line, whether or not there’s a print on it, sleeve length).
  13. Go get whites.  Repeat steps 7 and 9.  Put away whites.  Fold towels and jeans and put them away too.
  14. Crash on bed.

Now, I hope you’ve learned somethings from this.  Such as, engineers like processes and I should probably be medicated for my obsessive laundry habits.  Overall, I hope your laundry days take no where near the level of involvement mine do!

Tonight I’ll be celebrating clean laundry and fall with a drink.  Be on the look out for it tomorrow!


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