I’m Back…?

Oh dear…it’s been a while since I posted and I pretty much fell off the face of the earth.  I have excuses, like being in Atlanta for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing or attending events related to the Mountain Ruby Conference here in Boulder.  But really, I was hiding.  I gained some weight back because I wasn’t eating very well.  On the whole, there was a lot of unhappy going on.

I realized there were parts of my life that were making me deeply unhappy.  I generally think of happiness as a battery.  If I can store up enough happiness from my life to combat the unhappiness, I’m fine.  But if the unhappiness begins to overtake the happiness, something needs to change.  So, some things are changing.  Some things are being cut out (not blogging, I was just being lazy) so that I can focus on being fully happy as much as I possibly can.  Because of this, my health-related goals right now are to eat healthy, work out when I can, and continue blogging.

My sig. fig.* told me yesterday that he’s going to be eating Paleo again.  I will not be joining him in this, but I will be supportive (yesterday I yelled at him to put down the hamburger bun, tough love :))  If he comes over for dinner, I’ll do my best to make something Paleo, but no real guarantees here.  I just love dairy and grains too much.  The only thing I’ve discovered that really doesn’t agree with me is fast food.  Which makes it inexplicable that I spent the past three weeks eating a lot of fast food.  Obviously my body is ready to go back to being healthy and happy.

As far as working out, it’s fall and turning into winter, which means I’ll be swimming.  I swam through high school and for a bit in college and it’s time for swim season!  I love swimming in the morning because it makes me so energetic and happy for the rest of my day.  Plus, if I get nothing else done for the rest of the day, at least I’ve swam a workout.  That way my evenings are free and I’m not worried about trying to fit in everything in a 3-4 hour period.

So, that’s my plan for healthy things.  I’m making dinner tonight for the first time in a while since I’m pretty sure mac and cheese from a box doesn’t count.  I have this spaghetti squash I have to use.  I’m planning on making a chunky vegetable marinara sauce for it.  If my sig. fig. picks up some lean ground beef on his way over, I’ll put that in too.  I bought a grapefruit when I went grocery shopping, so I’m going to try to make baked grapefruit for dessert.  Tonight is going to go well period.

*I changed the name from Cuddle Monster to sig. fig.  Of course, I’m the cuddle monster, so that was a misnomer to begin with.  My good friends and I have always liked the term significant other, but we always looked at it and though of significant figures from physics and chemistry.  Since we’re both a little geeky (and calling him my boyfriend makes me feel like I’m in high school), sig. fig. it is!


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