Ctrl + Alt + Del: Goals and Project Statements

Today I want to focus on my newly rebooted goals.  Uh…my goals aren’t actually that new since I’ve made most of them before.  Since this is my reboot week, I’m re-committing!  I didn’t get to go over my new projects last night, so I’ll do that here too.  I think my projects fit better with my goals anyway.


  • Get back to tracking what I eat
  • Return to swimming
  • Get in the weight room if I can
  • Lost 50 lbs.  I’m starting small with this one, 5 lbs. in 30 days?
  • Or maybe just don’t gain weight during the holidays
  • Be organized (keep a schedule and keep on top of domestic tasks; I’m happier that way.)


  • My website: I’d like to turn it into a technical project for me and start a blog there.  I want it to be casually professional.
  • The Thanks Project: This is something I’ve been thinking about for a bit now.  My parents are pretty frackin’ awesome and I try to let them know as often as possible.  I don’t think I do it enough, so in 2011 I’m going to send them a letter once a week thanking them for something they’ve done for me or taught me or let me do.
  • This blog: I took down my personal blog, so this will be a nice amalgamation of my personal life, things floating around my head, and healthy living.

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