Ctrl + Alt + Del: Update & Project Statements

I’ve been away for awhile.  I’ve been trying to take care of things and because of that my blogging and healthy living plan has fallen severely behind schedule.  I’ve decided this week is my hard reboot week.  I’ll be spending each day talking about a different aspect of my life and what I’m going to do to reboot it.  Today is a general update and I’m going to talk about some project statements so I can commit to them.

Good things in my life have happened, but all I can seem to remember is the slightly odd-colored things.  First of all, I’m single…again.  Back to my normal state of existence.  Being in a relationship is fun.  Being in a relationship with the wrong person is a relationshit (Thanks to Dane Cook for that one).  I don’t particularly enjoy constantly having the desire to tell someone to grow a pair, so yeah.

I’ve been traveling a lot lately.  I love to travel, but it takes a huge toll on my health.  I don’t eat as well and I certainly don’t make it a priority to work out.  Of course these things should be changed, but I’m dealing with my reality here.  I still have to unpack from my last two trips.  And do laundry.

Lastly and most tragically, this evening I phoned my mother to share some news with her (I’ll share with you soon :)) and she had awful news for me.  Earlier this evening my parents had to put my puppy to sleep.  Now, Pippi wasn’t a puppy anymore.  In fact she wasn’t a puppy when we brought her home over 11 years ago from the Human Society.  And even though she was the family dog, she will always be my puppy.  I am completely devastated.  All I want to do for the next couple of days is sob uncontrollably while burrowed under my baby animal fleece blanket.  My heart hurts so much!  I hadn’t seen Pippi since May and I was so hoping I would be able to see her again.  Even though I was expecting that she would leave us, this has hit me like a truck.  My mom sent me a photo on my phone of my dad holding Pippi tonight.  She was so tiny and looked so happy to be held and so tired.  I’m just heartbroken right now.  Tomorrow will be better, but tonight has been so difficult.

I was going to write about project statements, but I think that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I’ve become emotional all over again and I think it’s time for me to sleep it off.


3 thoughts on “Ctrl + Alt + Del: Update & Project Statements

    • *sigh* Thanks Bunny, me too. I could use all of that. I haven’t watched a bad Amanda Bynes movie in a while and you know how happy those make me. haha 🙂

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