Adventure Across the Street

Today was a really important day.  I worked out today.  This is crazy awesome.  Last Thursday I got a membership to Washington Sports Club and apparently it’s a corporate regional membership which means I can go to any club in the DC area at any time.  Right, happy times.

I had been chatting with a colleague in the mail room and he mentioned that I would be really disappointed with the WSC near the office.  I decided to go over to take a tour of the facilities.  Perhaps I have really low expectations, but the club seemed fine to me.  OK, I guess a few more cardio machines on the first floor would be nice.  The second floor has a group class room, a spin room, and quite a decent free weight/machine area.  The guy giving me the tour said that this wasn’t the nicest club too.  Evidently, the club near my apartment is fabulous.  Win-win for me!

Anyway,today I worked out for the first time in…let’s not get into too many details.  I took the Total Body Condition class.  I envision I’ll be sore tomorrow.  At least I’m doing something!  I totally used to be better at working out.  Seriously.

It’s late and I have big plans to sleep well, so I’m off to bed.

Things I thought of today


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