Starting Slow

After two Total Body Conditioning classes this week, I’ve been super sore, pathetically sore.  Once upon a time I could totally handle one of those classes and now it leaves me a wobbly mess that needs to be stretched.  I’m sure that will come back with time and practice.  Either way, I haven’t worked out since Tuesday.  With the holiday weekend coming up, I won’t get a chance to do much of anything until Monday, perhaps Tuesday.  Hopefully by then, I’ll be un-sore.


Image by eekypooh via Flickr

This week is turning out to be quite the busy week.  I had my household goods delivered because the wood floors were installed.  Unfortunately, they were completely finished (the stuff around the very edge still has to go in) and there’s a lot of dust around that will need to be cleaned up.  My parents are going to arrive on Friday around noon.  I’m hoping that they’ll show up in a cleaning mood.  Or a grocery shopping mood.  To be honest, both of these things are possible.  My parents consistently help me out above and beyond what is required of SuperParents.  I’m pretty much just really happy that SuperMom and SuperDad are on their way to help me with everything.  As a family, we all know that if left to my own devices, I’ll never unpack and I’ll live out of boxes for a very long time.  My goal is to be moderately moved in by the time my SuperParents leave on New Year’s Eve.

On the plus side, I had an Amy’s frozen dinner tonight with some applesauce and an orange.  I ate fairly well today and it feels good to not be eating like crap.  However, I won’t lie.  I really wanted to stop by McDonald’s or Dominoes on the way home.  But I didn’t!!  I’m quite proud of myself and maybe even ready to do it again tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m thoroughly exhausted.  I went to bed last night at 8:30 (seriously) and woke up naturally this morning at 6:30.  I feel like I’ve been going all day and tomorrow will be another big day.  I hope everyone has a beautiful holiday!


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