2010 Recap

Now that 2010 is over, it seemed like one fabulous year.  At least it ended fabulously.  It stated in Colorado and it’s ended in Washington, D.C.  Mostly for my own memory, here are some highlights of 2010:

  • Swimming.  I started swimming again in January with the Boulder Aquatic Masters swim club.  I loved swimming after taking a long break from it in college. Morning workouts in the winter are my favorite.
  • InWic.  In early February I went to the Indiana Women in Computing conference.  It was great because I got to spend time with Shlea, Malisa and other good friends.  I had some great chats with some very knowledgeable women.  I gave this lightning talk and was awarded Audience Favorite.  Woo hoo!
  • Imagine Cup.  I got to go to DC for the Imagine Cup US Finals with Team MangoBunnies.  I wasn’t a student anymore, so I was the team mentor.  Working with Ashley and Malisa is always a pleasure and it’s always fun to travel with them.  As usual, the entire experience was very positive and a really good time!

    We are one serious good time.

  • Vera Bradley Outlet Sale.  It’s no real secret that I love Vera Bradley.  This company that makes women’s accessories was founded in Indiana by two women.  I love supporting women and local business.  Plus, their items are cotton and washable!  Anyway, since Shlea is in Fort Wayne, we try to make a fun vacation weekend at Shlea’s grandparents’ lake cottage with a little shopping thrown in.  This year, Coders and X-Tina joined us with an XBOX and we played some pretty sweet Left 4 Dead (10% accuracy FTW).  Smile
  • I was in a very good friend’s wedding in the summer.  It was absolutely lovely!  It was a little humid since it was in Illinois in the summer, but I was so lucky to be included!  Spending time with the bride and the wedding party was truly enjoyable.  I just can’t believe my friends are getting married!  I still think of us living together in college.  Goodness.
  • I completed my first triathlon!  The next day I also did the Venus de Miles bike ride.  That was a super active, super fun weekend.  I was so proud of myself for finishing.  The Aflac IronGirl event series is such a supportive environment and breakfast is always good.
  • I moved from Lakewood to Boulder.  My dad and a family friend came to Colorado to help me move.  I got a storage unit and most of my stuff went there.  It was so nice of them to come help me and so fun to see them!
  • I spent a couple weekend in New York this past year.  I was there one weekend for a job interview and the next weekend for BlogHer10.  I spoke at BlogHer about WordPress and met some great women: Shey, Jackie, Julie.
  • I went to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing this year, as usual.  I love going to GHC.  Every year I go, it’s so different.  This year was so great for me!  I was the co-chair for the Communities Committee, which was a great experience.  It was around GHC that I decided I wanted to find a new job.  I was a wrong fit for what I was doing.  I started  trying out this new strategy called asking for help.  Crazily enough, it’s turned out to be really helpful!

    Whale Watching at GHC (Atlanta Aquarium)

  • Most of the rest of my year was spent dealing with a relationship that was dragged out way too long, finding out my puppy passed away (OK, not a puppy, 13 years old), finding my new job, and moving!  My parents came to spend the holidays with me and help me move.

It’s been an interesting year, that’s for sure.  I’m so excited for this upcoming year!  Since I’ve moved again this year, my taxes will be a joy to complete.  Someday my taxes will be easy, haha!


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