Oh goodness, I’ve been sneezing all day and making friends with the box of tissues in my apartment.  I was supposed to have a training session this morning, but it snowed last night so my trainer cancelled due to possible driving difficulties.  Having moved here from Colorado, I think this is a silly excuse, but I went with it anyway.  I’ve scheduled a session for Monday.  I love starting my week with a workout!

On a completely separate side note, maybe it’s just me, but I think Nicole Sullivan and Marion Cotillard look very very similar.  See??

Nicole Sullivan (image from IMDB)

Marion Cotillard (image from People)

Yeah. Important things in my life.


One thought on “*sneeze*

  1. LOL, they do! That’s funny. Enjoy your training session, I’ve always wanted to try working out with a trainer. I’ll probably be a trainer before there’s one out here in the boonies though. Which gets me to thinking I actually kind of do want to be one some day though….deep thoughts. have a great weekend!

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