Week in (P)Review [1.24.11]

Week in Review

Since the last review, I’ve spent some time in Boston and I had my first session with Grady, my new trainer. I think Grady and I are going to get along just fine. He’s certified in stretching which I didn’t even know was a possibility. Here I thought you just stretched. Silly me. The session was really great. We talked about all my goals while warming up on stationary bikes and then moved into a body weight circuit. There was enough time leftover for some certified stretching and it was ah-mazing! Apparently parts of my are really stretchy and even though flexibility isn’t an issue there, it still feels good to be stretched. I was sore for 3 days after our session! Working out more often, here I come!

Last week was hectic for me! I had two workshops in the evening and on Thursday I had to move out of temporary housing. I’m in my apartment full time! I just adore sleeping in my own bed. I also love having my full kitchen available to me. I don’t have a microwave yet, but because of this post from BlogHer, I’m not pushing too hard for it. It’ll show up eventually. Smile

Friday was my first grocery shopping trip from my apartment. Have I mentioned how walkable my place is? I’m minutes from my gym, Target, a grocery store, FedEx, UPS, Starbucks, restaurants, and the metro. It’s pretty stupendous! I was able to walk to the grocery store, which is perfect. I can only buy as much as I can carry and since I’m just one person, that will keep from buying too much food and watching it go waste.

Basically, lots of happy things!

Week in Preview

This week I have a session with Grady. I love starting my week with a good workout! I’m hoping to make it to some group classes this week; I don’t have any workshops scheduled in the evening.

Based on my grocery trip, I’m hoping that this week will be successful as far as food in concerned. I’m going to try really hard to track what I eat this week since I haven’t tracked in so long and I found it really helpful. I’m having lunch with a friend, so I’ll hopefully make lots of good choices.

Since I’m now living full time in my apartment, I think unpacking will go a lot faster. There isn’t too much left so it seems very doable! The biggest hurdles I have right now are getting my car registration and driver’s license taken care of and getting furniture that I don’t need out of the apartment. I think the owners will take my green fainting chaise, but I need to get rid of my dining set. It’s a lovely table and it has four chairs with it. If you know anyone in the DC metro area let them know that if they can move it, they can have it!


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