Week in (P)Review [1.31.11]

Week in Review

Um…does anyone know where January went? No, seriously. Where the eff did it go? Worked out with Grady last Monday and my arms were sore for days. Last week I said I wanted to track what I ate. That did not happen. At all. I think I started to on Monday and then nothing. I keep saying I want to do this and never following through. This is very not good! I haven’t really gotten anywhere with any more unpacking either. On the plus side, I made two stir-fries: teriyaki chicken & broccoli and Szechuan pork and green beans.

Since last week seemed like one big fail, let’s keep going with the fail list shall we? I ate McDonald’s once. I bought two containers of Edy’s ice cream. One is still completely intact and the other has at least half left. This is good since it means I haven’t attacked them like a college girl on a break-up rebound ready to take any man to the couch with her, be it Ben & Jerry or Edy. Like I said, it’s a good thing. I also, during the same idiotic grocery shopping trip, bought whipped cream. I think I was drugged when I was at the store. Or hungry. One of the two. I managed to make pumpkin muffins this week as well. They were not my best baking achievement; the muffins stuck to the paper and the flavor was not outstanding. In order to get them out of my kitchen so I can try again, I managed to polish off all 12 in the span of 2.5 days.

I’m certainly not particularly proud of myself this week. On the plus side (and there are very few plus sides this week, so I’m taking what I can get), I didn’t gain any weight. At least not according to my scale. Although I suspect my scale was damaged in the move, so it might just have had the weight from the previous week in the its memory. Anyway, I’ve decided to start weighing myself on Friday evenings. During the work week I have a weigh-in to work toward and during the weekend I have a weigh-in I don’t want to go to waste (assuming the weigh-in goes well).

Oh! Speaking of plus sides, I worked out this week! I worked with Grady on Monday, I did a day couch 2 5k and an abs class on Tuesday, and a cardio kickboxing class on Wednesday. I tried to workout on Saturday, but my gym was a flippin’ mad house. I ended up riding a stationary bike for 10 minutes before giving up and going back home. The weekends need to be saved for non-gym workout activities, like a bike ride or a jog outside or a walk to the library. Now I know.

Week in Preview

This upcoming week is going to be really crazy. My calendar has a lot of blocks on it. I’m starting to realize that things don’t ever stop being crazy, you just get used to it. This week my goal is to get through it. If I can drink a lot of water and manage to work out three times this week like I did last week, I’ll be over the moon. I also plan on getting my sleeping schedule back to some semblance of normal. I don’t know what it is, but I’m having a very difficult time setting a consistent schedule for myself.

The end of this week marks the start of my February travel. That’s really going to throw things off. If I could just manage to not ruin myself in the month of February, I would be very very happy. So big goals for this week:

  • Drink water
  • Workout three times this week
  • Sleep like a normal person
  • Take care of car stuff
  • Don’t ruin self

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