Good vs. Bad

Hello again, blog-o-sphere. Glad to see you’re still here and surviving without my help of sporadically timed posts. I’ve been working, traveling, doing family things, all sorts of fun stuff. There are two sides to every event and I’m going to explore that philosophy in this post, basing it on current events in my life. I’m hoping that sounds as fun to you as it does to me.

Jacob and the Man in Black

I’ve Gained Weight

Good: My boobs are bigger.

Bad: Please, I gained eff-ing weight. Ulgh. #angryDinosaur.

I’ve Been Traveling A Lot

Good: I’m getting lots of frequent flyer miles. I get to catch up with lots of people in my life all over the country. I don’t have to make my bed when I stay at hotels; they do it for you!

Bad: I haven’t worked out in a really really long time. I don’t eat very well on the road. I have virtually nothing to eat but bread, peanut butter, and whipped cream; when you’re only home for a few days at a time, grocery shopping just doesn’t make sense. I have tons of laundry to do. I don’t think I’ve really checked my email in two months.

I Bought IKEA Furniture

Good: I actually have places for people to sit in my apartment now. One of my co-workers came to DC to help me put it together and we got some quality team bonding time in.

Bad: I have several large IKEA boxes I have to deal with. I have more furniture that will need to be moved if/when I move.

My Sleeping Schedule Is Completely Screwed Up

Good: I’m great with other time zones.

Bad: Nothing is open when I’m awake!

I Bought a Boot Camp Groupon

Good: The boot camp is at 6:05am, so it forces me to get up early and I’m more productive when I get up early. I love working out in the morning. Easy way to kick-start my (non-existent) work out regiment.

Bad: I have a gym membership that I pay for, what was I thinking spending more money on something I already (technically) have? *rolls eyes at self*

My Parents are Moving to Hawaii

Good: Uh, hello, it’s Hawaii. Should I ever get to compete in Kona, my parents will have no excuse to not be there. I’ll have a vacation home in Hawaii known as my parents’ guest room.

Bad: A four-hour window when I can talk to my parents ( is really helpful for figuring that window of time). I have to grow up and change the billing address for all my credit cards to the place I actually live.


You see? Wasn’t that fun? Well, I thought it was. Anyway, here goes another recommitment to a healthy lifestyle. I’m going to start this week by drinking more water and attempting to plan out meals. Squee. Fun.


5 thoughts on “Good vs. Bad

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    • *sigh* favorite sandwich ever, lol! Why can’t my favorite sandwich be healthy and involve broccoli or something?

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