Help Wanted!

Sometimes I suck at things I really want to be good at. Let’s look at a recent example: losing weight and getting in shape. Things aren’t going well. You may have already guessed that since I haven’t posted in about 500 years or at least it feels like that long. Fitness & health have, unfortunately, taken a back seat in my life lately. And when I say back seat, I mean I’m actually driving a big yellow school bus and fitness & health are in the back of the bus, like last row. In fact, the emergency exit door is open and there’s fitness & health, hanging off the back of the emergency exit door for dear life as my big yellow school bus goes hurtling down the road at a dangerous speed. Yeah. I think that analogy is appropriate.

But never fear! I have a plan! Well, sort of. I sort of have a plan. This plan involves my favorite ways to solve a problem: hard work and throwing money at it. Let’s go over the easy part: throwing money at it. Gym: joined. Trainer: hired. Cute workout clothes: drowning in them. Obviously that part of my solution is going exactly according to plan. The hard work part of the plan has been particularly elusive in its execution. This involves useful things like scheduling workouts, showing up to workouts, meal planning, eating what I planned, and overall kicking some serious ass. See? That’s hard work!

Our plan to conquer the world

Here’s my big plan:

  1. Think about my perfect schedule. Write it down. Make it happen.
  2. Work out with Benito (my new trainer) twice a week. Make it to the gym two more times. There are group classes available, take full advantage of that!
  3. Write a meal plan with 1600 calories per day. Focus on protein and fiber heavy breakfast and lunch with a veggie heavy dinner and two quality, filling snacks.
  4. Ask for help. (This is a new addition to the plan.)
  5. Frolic and be happy.

The new part is asking for help. This bit is particularly difficult for me; I’m not good at asking for help. Willpower is a muscle and I’m going to need people to keep me accountable, committed and having fun. You know, just little nudges. I’m fully aware that this self-improvement project is still my project and transferring ownership is impossible. Here goes my first attempt to ask for help:

I live in Washington, DC and I’m looking to get in shape and be healthy. Having moved here recently, I don’t know a lot of people here. I’d love to team up with someone to become a team of butt-kicking healthy ninjas. (OK, perhaps not ninjas, my hand-eye coordination leaves much to be desired, but you get the point.) Do you know someone who has a similar goal and is in the DC area? It sure would be fantastic if we could meet and combine forces. Send me an email at!

Whew. OK, that wasn’t so bad. Now to see if anyone responds…


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