When in doubt, call Mom

A week ago I had a nice breakdown because I realized I’ve been gaining weight at an alarming pace since moving to DC. I had a lot of things going for me during this breakdown. For one, my sleeping schedule has been erratic; nothing good comes from a lack of sleep. For another, I hadn’t seen my significant other in awhile since he had been traveling and spending time with family. Putting those things together with a decision to step on my scale for the first time in ages made for an ugly recipe Monday morning.

When you’re upset at 5:30 on Monday morning there’s really only one thing you can do and that’s call your mother. Since my parents are moving to Hawaii and my mom started her job in May, I assumed she was in Hawaii and it was 6 hours earlier. So, I called my mom. In tears. Turns out she was in Indiana to help my dad pack up the house and get it ready to be sold. It’s unlikely that my parents were looking forward to a tearful wake up call from their daughter on Monday morning at 5:30am, but they took it in stride and are, of course, the best parents ever.

I told them I was feeling pretty miserable from all my traveling and poor eating habits and not working out. I had a plan and that was to join Weight Watchers (I had some success with them in college) and start taking advantage of the morning group classes my gym offers (since it’s less than three blocks away). That seemed like a pretty good plan and I have since put it in action. Tomorrow will be my first week on Weight Watchers and I hope it goes well! I’ve been highly motivated this week and I desperately need that motivation and enthusiasm to continue. If only I could bottle it up and drink it every morning!


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