Big Day #1

Today was successful for several reasons:

  1. I did a spin class this morning. The bikes are Green Revolution enabled which generates electricity. Because of that, there is a nifty little screen that tracks what level you’re cycling at and what your output is in watt-hrs. I like to keep track of my personal record for watt-hrs during my spin classes. Last week I made a PR with 70 watt-hrs. This week I apparently brought my A game because this morning I made 92.5 watt-hrs!!
  2. I went to a meet up this evening and because I’m a space cadet, I forgot to grab a snack before I left. I was ravenous by the time I got there, but alas, there was no food, just beer. I stayed for one session before deciding I needed to go get something to eat. I stopped at Churchkey, next door, to get dinner before hopping on a bus home. I order a flatbread with tomatoes, zucchinis, mozzarella cheese, and corn. I was especially hungry and it was especially good. I ate half of it at the restaurant and saved half for later as a snack. Essentially, I ate the whole thing, but I think I came within my points target today. Between working out this morning and not using that many points for breakfast and lunch, I should be fine! I’m really glad I was able to go somewhere to eat and not order something like loaded fries or chicken fingers.
  3. I stopped by Kinko’s to see about getting some notepads printed for work. The turn around time is really quick and it won’t be as expensive as I though it would be. Hopefully I’ll get those done soon and post a picture or something.
  4. I cut my nails. My nails have always been quite healthy, but I often don’t take the time to cut them because I’m so busy! When my nails interfere with taking out my contacts, I HAVE to find time.
  5. It’s Tuesday, which means street cleaning. I moved my car and didn’t get a ticket for the second week in a row!

Today was less successful for other reasons:

  1. All of my laundry is not done. Or at least it’s not folded.
  2. I’m signing a lease tomorrow at my new apartment. Nothing is packed. Movers are coming on Thursday and I guess they’ll have to pack everything. Not quite what I had wanted, but I’m going to accept because it will help me stress less.
  3. I didn’t make rhubarb muffins.
  4. I didn’t get enough sleep.

Because of #4, I’m off to bed. I have a packed day tomorrow and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to fit it all in.


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