Big Day #2

Things I did today:

  • Spin class
  • Shower
  • Breakfast
  • Pack and load car with a few boxes
  • Sign new lease
  • Jump around new apartment!
  • Drive into DC for a luncheon featuring Kodu games made by student teams from the Boys and Girls Club
  • Drive back to apartment to unload boxes
  • Find out Verizon is on strike and my order won’t be processed for awhile
  • Drive to Columbia Heights
  • 30 minute nap
  • Apple & nectarine snack
  • IGDA DC meet up
  • Dinner

I’m still going to pack up the car and take one more load over to the new apartment. I’d also like to make a batch of muffins tonight before everything gets packed. We’ll see how that goes. My movers have confirmed that they will be coming at 8am tomorrow. They’ll have a lot of packing to do! Hopefully it’ll go fast; there will be four of them.


One thought on “Big Day #2

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